School board honors students from 29 Palms

John Coronado was celebrated at the MUSD school board meeting on Tuesday.

TWENTYNINE PALMS — For National Disability Awareness Month, the Morongo Unified School District board honored students from the east side of the Basin Tuesday, Oct. 22.

The recognition ceremony honored students who have excelled both in and out of the classroom. Heidi Burgett, director of the area’s special education programs, invited each MUSD school to nominate a student a student to be recognized.

At the celebration, the nominated students and their families were brought up one by one for special recognition.

Palm Vista Elementary School, the host for the evening, kicked it off by honoring Makio Jilson. Jilson’s teacher, Andrea Gordon, said he is a bright young man who always has a smile on his face.

“He’s just such an amazingly hard worker from the moment he arrives to school,” she said. “He’s just committed to sharing what he’s learned.”

At Oasis Elementary School, Anthony Gabriel was nominated for his helpfulness in the classroom and his demonstration of the Bobcat way. 

“When I found out it was nomination time, I was super excited to type this up, said his teacher, Jade Haverstrom. “Anthony truly demonstrates the Bobcat way every day in and outside the classroom.”

Also recognized were Ayonne Manier from Condor Elementary School, Colton Quinn from Twentynine Palms Elementary School, John Houghton from Twentynine Palms Junior High School, Lily Rincon with the PLUS program and Haley Miller with the Academy for College and Career Excellence.

John Coronado with Twentynine Palms High School was the last to be honored and his teachers said they nominated him because he’s an extremely hard worker who refuses to give up until his coursework is done. Coronado is currently taking English, economics, government and child development.

“Thank you to my parents and my teachers and friends that have helped me make progress and to be a successful student,” he said.

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