Teenager fights for his life after car collision

Junior Tim Parker takes the mound for the Trojans Monday afternoon in Big Bear. Pitching two innings, Parker allowed just one run.

LANDERS — Nineteen-year-old Timothy “Tim” Parker was in a car accident a few miles from his house on Sept. 23 and is still in critical condition at Desert Regional Medical Center.

Parker’s vehicle rolled in the collision and he suffered a traumatic brain injury. The San Bernardino County Fire Department responded and he was flown from the Yucca Valley Airport to the hospital in Palm Springs.

Since then, surgeons have had to remove part of his skull to control the pressure in his brain. While his diagnosis is still critical, his family and friends remain hopeful.

“We are so thankful to the community,” said Tim’s mother, Shawnanada Parker. “We have received so much love and support and prayers, it’s unbelievable.”

One of 12 siblings, Tim has a large family that has been active in the community for over a decade.

“He’s an awesome big brother and little brother to his siblings and a great son,” said Parker.

Locals might have spotted him playing in Tri-Valley Little League from first grade all the way to high school, and then playing for Yucca Valley High School’s varsity baseball team all four years he attended.

“Baseball was his life,” his mom said. “He played even played intercollegiate over the summer.”

Tim graduated from Yucca Valley High School last spring and, after deciding that college was not his path, has been pursuing a career baseball. He was preparing to play in showcase tryouts in hopes of making his way to a minor-league team.

His family has been staying by his hospital bedside since he was admitted. Added to their agony is that Shawnanada Parker lost another child to illness seven years ago.

“Timothy’s mom lost her 22-year-old daughter seven years ago at this same hospital,” said family friend Cara Cash. “A mom should never have to live this once, much less twice.”

Cash created a GoFundMe page for the family.

“I am trying to help raise money for family to travel, provide meals to the family and help replace lost income so they can be by Timothy’s side during this difficult time,” Cash said.

To donate, visit www.gofundme.com/prayers-for-timothy-parker.

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