YUCCA VALLEY — Hi-Desert Water District directors discussed about $2 million worth of change orders in the wastewater project Wednesday.

“A majority of it is probably from utilities not previously being shown,” said Director Sarann Graham.

About half of the change orders presented were for Collection System Package C. Some of the big-ticket items for the package that required changes in the cost include $237,000 toward 6-inch paving in parking lots. More parking lots than expected had to be drilled into for the project, said Chief Financial Officer Jonathan Abadesco.

Despite the change orders, Abedesco said the project is still in line with the budget because of expected overage.

The directors discussed amending the district’s policy on service connections.

The district currently has “U” branch connections that provide water for fire sprinkler systems. It is moving to a single connection providing water, which is recommended by the San Bernardino County Fire Standards and the National Fire Protection Association. 

“I’m satisfied that this meets state requirement,” said Director Bob Stadum.

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That's how it works folks. The low bid gets the job,
Then they find change orders and Extras so they can kick a little back to the corrupt people that gave them the job.
I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts years from now we willl find out this is what's going on.


You might be onto something.


In 2008, HDWD got a Federal Bureau of Reclamation Grant for $20 million dollars. About five million was spent on the design of the sewer system/water treatment plant. The rest -I don't know.


A lot more research should have been done before undertaking this project on my street Cholla Ave between 29 Palms Highway and Sunland Ave. This street floods after every rain and the city knew about this. The city had promised to fix this problem when the new sewer lines were installed. Nothing was done. The middle of this street is one foot lower from where the wash is. No water from this part of the street goes to the wash. With new asphalt, the water will remain on the street for many days after each rain. People driving on this street constantly splash water on the residents properties. They talk about money problems and I can understand. The residents of this street have stepped up the same as the higher priced residents paying exactly the same for this sewer system.. I have seen the nicer streets in town get paved numerous times while my street never has gotten paved for 30 years, and the city still cannot get it right. despite complaints from the residents and the contractors recommendations going ignored. Someone needs to be held accountable for this negligence.

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