Community pioneer Crouter honored by Town Council

Yucca Valley's first Town Council members are, top row from left, Dave Richmond, Joan Burnside and Kindred Pedersen (now Kindred Murillo); bottom row, Marge Crouter, left, and Walter Reed.

YUCCA VALLEY — Marge Crouter, a member of the first Yucca Valley Town Council who served as mayor in 1994, was honored by current council members Tuesday.

Crouter, 82, died in April.

“She left her fingerprints on the community that will last for years to come,” said Councilman Rick Denison. “The changes are noticed.”

Crouter was among the public servants who worked to accomplish Yucca Valley’s incorporation in 1991.

Councilman Jim Schooler and Mayor Jeff Drozd shared memories of Crouter in remembrance of her public service.

Drozd and Schooler gave a town flag to Crouter’s husband, retired judge Richard Crouter, and her son, Ron Farmer.

“It is truly an honor to present this to you,” Drozd told her husband and son.

Richard Crouter said his wife’s goals included improving her golf score and making Yucca Valley a great town.

Schooler said it was an honor to have had the chance to learn from Crouter. He was on staff with the town of Yucca Valley when Crouter served on the council.

“She was always one step ahead of me,” Schooler recalled. “She was very involved and supportive.”

Schooler also shared some details about her community involvement with the Hearts of Yucca Valley, homeless programs and nonprofit organizations.

“It is a significant loss to our community,” Schooler said.

Community member Art Miller said she was a “mover and shaker,” and shared how he loved how Crouter spoke her mind and shared her opinions.

“You always knew where you stood with Marge,” Miller said.

Councilman Robert Lombardo recalled Crouter and her leadership.

“She was a great asset to our town and she’ll be sadly missed,” Lombardo said.

Councilman Merl Abel said her remarkable spirit gave Yucca Valley its strong beginnings.

“It’s because of Marge and all the pioneers who paved the way,” Abel said during the presentation.

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