Our little community received much-needed and very welcome “RRRain!” all last week! As much as I love hearing the sound of pounding rain on the roof, it is also extremely worrying as we watch our “old faithful” roof leaks spring into action. One particularly distressing leak is right by the stovepipe to our wood-burning stove. As the water runs through the ceiling down the pipe, it hisses alarmingly loudly as the water turns to steam on the hot pipe. Fortunately, it doesn’t leak inside the fireplace, so our little fire burns bright and keeps our whole cabin toasty and warm! Our makeshift gutter did the trick thankfully and deposited gallons of water over the wall and into the yard, as opposed to under the wall into our house!

Yes, our cabin is very rickety and falling apart, but we are very grateful indeed that we get to live here, high up on Copper Mountain Mesa! And I still believe and hope and dream that one day we will have the funds to fix this place up; first thing will be a new roof! Then weatherizing I think; it will be nice to have solid walls instead of being able to see daylight through the cracks!

FYI the Weekender free newspaper will now be available online only. Go to www.hidesertstar.com and scroll down to the “Neighborhood News” section or visit www.hidesertstar.com/eedition to see this and all the other columns every week. This is actually quite a blow to our household; how am I going to get my early-morning fire going without the Weekender newspaper?

Anyhoooo; I sincerely hope everyone is doing well out there? I have not been to town in weeks, as Mary and her husband, Gary, have been doing all our shopping for us. This is definitely not a hardship for me, because I sincerely dislike shopping and crowded stores! I have been called a gregarious recluse and I suppose that’s true; an oxymoron that’s me!

With best wishes from our family to yours; may we all get to hug each other again very soon.

Stay well neighbors!


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