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Western governors choose Yucca Valley for meeting

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Posted: Friday, November 25, 2011 7:27 pm

YUCCA VALLEY — Governors from the country’s Western states will meet Dec. 7 in the Yucca Valley Community Center.

Creating jobs and economic development in small, rural communities will be one of the main topics of discussion.

They also will hear from experts and young people about getting more families and kids connected to the outdoors.

Two open sessions will be held between 10:30 a.m. and noon, followed by lunch at the community center.  

Residents may attend the sessions and lunch. There is a $30 registration fee, and seating is limited. Pre-register online at www.westgov.org by Wednesday.

“Places like Yucca Valley that serve as gateways to our state and national parks are great economic drivers,” Chris Gregoire, governor of Washington and chairman of the Western Governors Association, said. “We’re grateful to Yucca Valley for hosting us, and we hope to learn from the community about their successes and share that knowledge with all the Western states.”

The first open session is “Job Creation and Economic Development in Small Rural Communities.” Governors and local government and business leaders will discuss:

•    The economic importance of tourism and recreation in the West’s economy;

•    Strategies small communities are using to create jobs, strengthen the economy and provide government services in difficult economic times;

•    Successful programs in various states.

Panelists will include Frank Hugelmeyer, executive director of the Outdoor Industry Association; Neil Derry, San Bernardino County Supervisor; and Paul Smith, owner of the 29 Palms Inn and president of the Twentynine Palms Innkeepers’ Association.

The second session is “Passing Down a Western Outdoor Ethic to Today’s Youth.” Experts from California State Parks and the National Park Service will discuss engaging youth in outdoor activities. Sierra Zacks, a student at Yucca Valley High School, and Lucas Basulto, a student with Barstow Community College, will speak with the governors about what states can do to encourage kids to explore the west’s scenic beauty.

Governors will highlight successful programs in their states. 

Panelists will include Ron Krueper, a district superintendent with California State Parks, and Mike Cipra, an environmental specialist with the National Park Service.

For information, visit the WGA website at www.westgov.org.

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  • K_Klein posted at 4:54 am on Mon, Dec 5, 2011.

    K_Klein Posts: 32

    Interesting! I wonder WHY these vultures chose Yucca Valley? Whose hosting this thing?

  • damndawgers posted at 4:12 pm on Sat, Dec 3, 2011.

    damndawgers Posts: 529

    Yo marconisa are you sure about that? Looks more as an obituary pict. to me, j/k.
    Brown promiesedd to help, but where's he been since back in office? I haven't seen any improvements for this state on his part. As far as I'm concerned all goverment needs changing, period. respectfully, dawgers

  • tkle posted at 7:45 am on Thu, Dec 1, 2011.

    tkle Posts: 14

    It's a one trick dog and pony show at 30 bucks a pop. They should at least buy us dinner and a movie first. The voice of the people will not be heard. It will be outside.
    Tickets to the outside event will be free. Bring your own chair. Most importantly bring your own voice.

  • Marcinese posted at 2:17 pm on Mon, Nov 28, 2011.

    Marcinese Posts: 11

    Damndawgers ~ maybe Brown's picture is shown because he's a governor of a western state...you know...like California

  • Dave Peach posted at 11:55 pm on Sun, Nov 27, 2011.

    Dave Peach Posts: 2998

    "“Places like Yucca Valley that serve as gateways to our state and national parks are great economic drivers,” Chris Gregoire, governor of Washington and chairman of the Western Governors Association, said."

    Sobriety tests are obviously warranted.

    Corrected: Places unlike Yucca Valley that serve as gateways to our state and national parks are great economic drivers. Yucca Valley needs crash helmets, emergency services and probably more morticians.

  • damndawgers posted at 3:42 pm on Sun, Nov 27, 2011.

    damndawgers Posts: 529

    Okay i'm somewhat confused. Why is Jerry Browns picture shown here, I didn't see his name anywhere as a speaker or participant? Also $30 for a lunch, heck if i could afford that in the first place , i'd be eating at some better restuarants in town and getting about 3 different meals at the sametime keeping the money local. This appears as a scam to me, as booboo said pay to play, no thanks. respectfully, dawgers.

  • knewb posted at 1:07 pm on Sun, Nov 27, 2011.

    knewb Posts: 142

    Is Yucca Valley being held up as a town that benefits from a park?

    It's great to have an attraction as beautiful as JT Park, and promoting youth activities is terrific.

    Let's not forget about the impact of the military in this area. To leave the base out of the discussion would mislead visitors to thinking the successes here are due to the park alone.

  • booboo77 posted at 10:19 am on Sun, Nov 27, 2011.

    booboo77 Posts: 1030

    Mokki- But I don't WANT to pay anything. Not even a dime. I guess it's the principle of the thang. I don't even want to go. Many locals are far more qualified than I am to attend. And don't unplug that XBox, put it under a truck tire and start 'er up.

  • mokk1 posted at 10:02 am on Sun, Nov 27, 2011.

    mokk1 Posts: 290

    Hey booboo77, I will pay for you to go...and desertben. How nice of them to put that on a workday.

    Also, you want to get kids outdoors? Unplug the dang nintendo, xbox or whatever.

  • booboo77 posted at 9:48 am on Sun, Nov 27, 2011.

    booboo77 Posts: 1030

    A handful of OWS protestors at this affair isn't going to influence much. This is a major national media event that purports to address the very issues OWS is concerned with. The host is one of the most liberal and fiscally conservative figures in American politics. A confrontational approach isn't going to work here. It's a rare opportunity to voice concerns, but chanting slogans won't do it. With all the artists around here, I'm surprised there's not more artistic creativity being employed in OWS. How about a parade? A Seniors marching band? College students with tin cups? This thing needs a litle more fun. People are tired of being lectured.

  • desertgal posted at 9:00 am on Sun, Nov 27, 2011.

    desertgal Posts: 95

    Good.... Wallstreeters, heres a made to order chance for a major demonstration........Brewer?....Perry??? oh yes!!

  • booboo77 posted at 7:46 pm on Sat, Nov 26, 2011.

    booboo77 Posts: 1030

    God Bless America- You mean i can put my two cents in for only THIRTY DOLLARS? What kind of grassroots outreach is that? How many concerned poor, unemployed, disabled, teens, and seniors are going to be able to afford 30 bucks just before the holidays? Will the place will be packed with all the usual, more affluent pro-development-at any cost suspects? Is this a sneaky tactic to keep out the vast majority of YV citizens who want to slow down on the strip-malling of the area? Why they would choose YV anyway is anybody's guess. Having this affair on Pearl Harbor Day is more than appropriate though, because that's pretty much what's happening to people economically. The $30 thing is pretty lame though. Pay to play politics even right here in little 'ol Podunk. We're all on the map now.


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