Luau in the desert comes to Phelps Hall

Marines are served lunch during the grand re-opening of Phelps Mess Hall aboard the Combat Center, Monday. Phelps Hall has been closed since November 11, 2017, due to renovations to improve the efficiency of the facility.

Phelps Mess Hall celebrated a grand re-opening aboard the Combat Center, Monday. 

Phelps Hall re-opened after eight months of renovations to improve the efficiency of services provided to Marines and sailors aboard the installation.

“The renovations to the facility will increase the overall efficiency of the mess hall,” said Master Sgt. Wavelay Jones, food technician, Headquarters Battalion. “We received new water resistant floors, walls, and new equipment.”

Throughout the renovation process, Phelps hall endured multiple changes to include the dining area, where new laminate was put on furniture, as well as new water resistant floors and walls in the galley and scuttle machine room to prevent deterioration. 

“A lot of water accumulates on the floor and steam is created throughout the day which gets onto the walls, so in order to sustain the longevity of the building we improved the internal structure of the facility,” Jones said.

In anticipation of the grand opening, the food service specialist Marines began preparing food on Sunday. The Hawaiian-themed lunch went along with the overall grand re-opening theme of luau in the desert. 

“It took a lot of coordination with Public Works Division, Sedexo contractors and other agencies to complete the project and make the re-opening possible,” Jones said. “The Marines worked extremely hard throughout the entire renovation helping clean and move in the new equipment.”

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