Honoring the Fallen: Big Bear Lake hosts Memorial Day Ceremony

A member of the Big Bear Lake chapter of the American Legion plays bagpipes during a Memorial Day ceremony held in Big Bear Lake, Calif., Monday. The ceremony was hosted by the American Legion and Marine Corps League and presented multiple guest speakers with backgrounds in the military.

BIG BEAR LAKE, Calif. – The American Legion and Marine Corps League of Big Bear Lake, Calif., hosted a Memorial Day ceremony at the Gold Star Memorial in Big Bear Lake, Monday. 

The ceremony presented multiple guest speakers with military backgrounds and representatives from local government agencies.

According to Jimmy Lona, commander of the American Legion Post 584, this is an annual celebration that the city of Big Bear Lake, the American Legion and the Marine Corps League put on to honor United States veterans who didn’t make it home.

“We have a gold star family here in Big Bear Lake because a member of our community was killed in action a few years ago, so we always make sure to include his family in these kinds of ceremonies,” Lona said. “Big Bear Lake is a very proud community that is very supportive of our military.”

In addition to the Memorial Day celebration, the American Legion and Marine Corps League also work together to host other celebrations and provide much needed services in order to bolster support for the military in their community.

“The American Legion and the Marine Corps League host Veteran’s Day ceremonies every year,” Lona said. “In addition, we provide people with scholarships to help promote patriotism and support for our veterans.”

The ceremony was open to citizens from all over San Bernardino County, including the 3rd district supervisor James Ramos. He believes that events like the Memorial Day Ceremony are vital in bringing the community together and honoring service members and their families on not just these special holidays, but year round.

“Events like these are extremely important because they continue to instill on younger generations the importance of honoring those who put on their uniform to keep us safe,” Ramos said. “These events ensure that when service members pay that ultimate price they are not alone or forgotten.”

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