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Trump continues to be a liar and a racist. For two years he has ramped up attacks on the Latino population. His puppets are encouraged and mimic his lack of character and integrity. Heck, he or his supporters couldn’t spell “honesty.”

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Some good news and some bad news came out of a decoy sting conducted in Twentynine Palms to catch adults willing to buy alcohol to kids.

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Do we need four retired firefighters/paramedics running our Twentynine Palms Water District? The latest appointed member is a retired Riverside County fire captain whose son works for the water district. Potential conflict; about eight years ago, a management/union contract impasse existed. …

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We have a growing problem in Yucca Valley. In spite of our leash laws, many people continue to let their dogs run loose. I was walking my dog May 23rd and someone let their two pit bulls out, and they attacked my dog.

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1. Old people say, “see a penny pick it up and all the day you will have good luck.” Darkness tricks, if you pick up a penny you are agreeing that it is compensation for a wrong that has been committed against you.

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Lately there have been a lot of calls for donations to police, sheriff, highway patrol, Marine Corps and military family dependents. In checking the organization referred to, we find these are all scams. When you get such a call, simply ask for their IRS 501(c)3 charity number. Amazingly qui…

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Several months ago, my pharmacy changed my medication (Clopidogerel) to a similar generic. Unfortunately, I am violently allergic to the new generic and have come out in huge red rashes and black and blue nodules. It made me vomit and gag until I was forced to change medications.

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Gratitude to Teddy Quinn and to my neighbors in the Morongo Basin who gathered to read the Mueller Report. Thank you as well to Assemblyman Chad Mayes who, alone among state GOP officials, called out Trump over his racist attacks on four junior congresswomen.

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The Associated Press reported that President Trump’s company said Wednesday (July 10) it has canceled a golf tournament with strippers serving as caddies that was to be held at Trump’s golf resort near Miami.

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Just sending out a word to the “Universe” regarding an experience on my latest shopping spree at a local supermarket, where I was planning on buying several items when I suddenly realized that I didn’t quite have enough to buy three items. I apologized to the woman waiting behind me, believi…

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To those of my fellow Americans who continue to support President Trump, in spite of a very very long list of despicable personal behavior and disastrous policies both domestic and international, I ask you to consider the situation on our southern border.

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On June 15, the Hi-Desert Nature Museum sponsored a sold out “Dance (R)evolution” performed by the Encelia Chamber Ensemble and special guest performers flutist David Miller and harpist Paulette Miller. 

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I’m reminded of the old adage, “Birds of a feather flock together,” especially when I see Donald J. Trump being so cozy with some murderous thugs such as Putin (who Don praised on Russian TV), Kim of North Korea,and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. 

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