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I am writing to you, regarding the house on La Luna Avenue. In my neighborhood, between Montoya Road and Two Mile Road there is a house on Two Mile Road. Ever since the owner died in 2007, the house was left abandoned. It’s been a complete eyesore and fire hazard and it’s been broken into so…

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The board members of the Center For Healthy Generations want to thank those giving people in our community who helped enormously with the recent rubber ducky fundraiser.

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Before I’m stoned in the village square for the snippet of my testimony that was quoted (“Airstream hotel gets OK from county,” article published Oct. 5), allow me to reiterate the unquoted portion. Yes, given human inevitabilities I’m reluctantly for smart development (projects that are env…

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Let us look at the three causes of high gasoline prices in California, while gas prices throughout the nation remain well over a dollar lower and have not risen much lately — Iran, taxes and the governor.

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I read with great interest the editorial submitted by John-Paul Leonard. As the county supervisor for the Morongo Basin, I’ve worked with passionate community members on both sides of this debate to craft an ordinance that addresses the concerns of everyone involved. However, there is a sign…

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I just could not keep quiet any longer. The hatred and smearing of our good president with all the outright lies turns my stomach. President Trump has turned our country around, and prosperity abounds.

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The Joshua Basin Water District provides water to Joshua Tree, where I lived for 13 years until 2016. I kept my house there and enjoyed visiting. I terminated all utilities except electricity.

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When it comes to climate change, a determined 16-year-old from Sweden has more wisdom and sense of urgency than the controlling policy makers of the United States. The United Nations secretary general recently stated: “Governments will follow public opinion … sooner or later.” He calls globa…

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And we thought our toddler-tempered, toilet-time-tweeting, truth- trashing Trump couldn’t “sink” any lower. Behold! We now witness real collusion: asking a foreign leader to “dig up dirt” on political rival Joe Biden.

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In these times, where we have watched all the power plays made by Republicans across the country visa vie gerrymandering, voter suppression and outright corrupt practice to subvert our democracy, I personally witnessed the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors pull off this Brown Act vi…

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We don’t know yet whether there will be a war with Iran over the drone attacks on the Saudi Arabian refinery. “Intelligence” says there is evidence the drones were launched from Iran soil. Show us the proof.

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Today’s announcement that Congressman Cook will not seek re-election presents the people of his district with a dilemma. Since he has not been seen here, held a town hall meeting for four years or responded to letters to his Washington address for at least three, how will we know he has gone?

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I’ve just finished an article from a rival local newspaper (the Desert Sun) stating that the NTSB urged Caltrans to work faster to repair damages to safety structures on our roadways. The metal cushions at the ends of concrete center dividers are called attenuators. It seems that one on High…

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September is California Pedestrian Safety Month. We all have a responsibility and duty to share the road with other vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists. We in the desert have long stretches of road without sidewalks and street lights. I’d like to remind pedestrians that they are hard to se…

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This is regards to the “Sign Guy” and his right to the First Amendment. I think people should be aware that he really could care less about the First Amendment. His only concern is to get people to argue and to see how far he can verbally push and agitate people.

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This is the 18th anniversary of the horrific attack on 9/11 of the United States of America. The new investigative report on building 7’s free-fall destruction at 5:20 p.m. on 9/11 has been completed and presented to the public after $300,000 of donations and three years analysis and compute…

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The state of California requires that I maintain a minimum level of liability insurance on my vehicle. I completely agree but the state makes this requirement, then abandons me to the tender mercies of the private insurance companies. Since it’s the state that requires liability insurance, I…

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The other day I was watching the news and heard the president say that he had an “appetite for gun control.” Then, he lost his appetite after an hour-long talk with the head of the NRA. Hmmm.

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