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I’m part of the one percent that read the Mueller Report. And contrary to popular opinion, it is well written and readily accessible. It is neither complicated, nor is it steeped in legalese. Simply stated, the report is a repetitious chronology that provides multiple accounts of various inc…

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Trump’s latest lies are too many to list. He lies every day about small and large issues which pertain and directly affect all Americans. Republicans and brainless supporters love to take abuse.

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On behalf of the Grubstake Days Carnival Committee, an affiliate of Basin Wide Foundation, we would like to thank the following sponsors: 

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I am a Vietnam veteran, and when I can be so identified, people sometimes tell me, “Thank you for your service.” Well and good. But that was a long time ago, in a universe far away. We currently have Basin residents whom we should definitely thank for their current service.

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As my mind spun wildly on the night before the anniversary of D-Day, when I “shoulda” been sleepin’, my thoughts traveled first to recollections of all the wonderful veterans, Elks and those I’ve met through Elks Veteran’s Services, ENF Grants, etc. On June 6, I shared with the educated worl…

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I am elated to see that our Basin is FINALLY going to address our homeless population. We need more than JUST a drop in site, but it’s a start. What is even more upsetting to me is some residents have that “Not in my backyard” attitude. Guess what? If we don’t help out our homeless populatio…

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The recovery of Susan Schmierer’s body April 28, almost a year after she died of heat exposure near the Amboy Crater, is a stark reminder of the awesome, unforgiving nature of the desert we all call home.

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There’s a unique curve that describes humanity. You see it everywhere. Draw a straight line from left to right across this page, to the left is the distant past, to the right is the present. The curve meanders along for thousands of years, a little above the line.

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The recreation department for the city of Twentynine Palms would like to graciously thank those who donated funds in the memory of Gina Winiecki, who recently passed. Our prayers go out to the Winiecki family. Those wishing to donate in her memory can contact the recreation department at (76…

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The Twentynine Palms Ministerial Association extends its sincere gratitude for the support received at the Community Good Friday Service held on April 19 at Little Church of the Desert and the Community Easter Sunrise Service held on Sunday, April 21, at Luckie Park. Attendance for both serv…

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Some folks still believe that Don is this great business billionaire and knows how to make deals, but now it’s being revealed from federal government sources that over a 10-year period he lost $1.2 billion. In fact it says that he, himself, lost more money in one year more than any other Ame…

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I would like to give a big “thank you” and hug to the two Marines who ran across Adobe Road and lifted me up when I fell in front of Office Supplies Plus and to the young ladies of that store who came out to help, then took me in, found me a chair, gave me a drink of water and proceeded to d…

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You heard the term, it takes a village to raise a child. Well, a little different take, and it took a community to host the Joshua Tree 55 (JT55) Bike Ride. On April 27, the community of Twentynine Palms hosted its annual Park 2 Park Bicycle Ride, now called JT55 Bike Ride, with over 300 par…

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The Yucca Valley Sunset Rotary’s 17th annual Dessert Soiree Charity Benefit and Auction held on April 6 was an amazing event whose success was due to the support of the attendees and the generosity of the businesses and individuals who helped make this event possible.

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Oh Lord, thank you so much for giving me the air to breath and ability to finally be self-sufficient. After my numerous encounters with pneumonia, life support and three tracheotomies at least four times sine 2017, I am totally in awe at what I had to go through for the recovery of my illnes…

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As vice president of the SoCal Chapter of the Flying Doctors (Los Médicos Voladores), I wish to thank the many people of the community who attended the Community Health and Veterans Outreach event and received much needed dental, vision and chiropractic care.

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President Trump promises that we will never become a socialist country. Agreed if; “total collective government ownership and administration of the means of production” is his meaning. However, resurrecting “red scare” visions of our country succumbing to a failed economic system is as likel…

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I was driving to a chicken take-out restaurant recently and didn’t pull in because the weeds in front were so high you could hardly see the business, and it didn’t look very appealing, I hope they read this and clean up the front. A little landscaping might be in order to show they are good …

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Since February was designated Black History Month, I was somewhat amazed at all the accomplishments people of color had made in various fields. I applaud them all for their efforts to make our country a better one.

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