Last week, according to information released by the Morongo Basin sheriff’s station, a parent decided to set a bad example at a Twentynine Palms Little League game at Luckie Park.

After reportedly becoming upset, to the point where he was ejected from the game, the man allegedly used a folding chair to cause some $1,000 in damage to another parent’s car and then reportedly threatened to hurt a volunteer coach.

The trouble with youth sports these days is that there are too many people who simply do not understand the purpose of youth sports, which is to teach young people about team play, camaraderie and sportsmanship, lessons which are hard to instill when the parents of these same young athletes are demonstrating behaviors diametrically opposed to those ideals.

This is a problem across the country and has caused many potential coaches and umpires to think twice before becoming involved in youth sports, which is a shame because in the end it is everyone’s children who suffer because of the foolishness of a few.

Parents need to remember that the people who work as coaches, umpires and referees for their children’s sports are volunteers who do so because of a love of the game and not to feed their egos or fatten their bank accounts, so it is a safe bet that they don’t get paid enough to put up with unruly parents.

If nothing else think about the example you are setting for your children. If you want them to learn lessons of good sportsmanship and fair play, don’t behave like bad sports and sore losers at their games.

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29 Palms has to bring up their game, about fifteen years ago at the Tri-Valley Little League in Yucca Valley a hostile parent event ended with a broken arm. They'll have to remove those bats from these games if these things continue.


Oh, and chairs


My children were involved with team sports in Yucca Valley as recently as a couple years ago.
What a mistake. My son was harrased and bullied by the son of a local politician. The coach played favorites to large donors and acted like a pouty teenager himselve.
A culture of douchebaggery , incompetence , favoritism, mediocrity ,and a general sense of entitlement is what I witnessed.
Luckily I was able to use this experience to teach my children ,NOT to be like these people.
There are More than just morons and jerks in the stands.

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