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So, has anyone not seen Netflix’s “Tiger King”?! It’s depraved, salacious and scary, yet in the midst of the No. 19 crisis it is drawing record viewers! Unfortunately, for many viewers it is leaving a bad taste for wildlife rescue Organizations. It poses serious consequences for legitimate w…

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It is my understanding the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors has opened up short-term rentals in our Basin. My concern is great because the virus is still active, still increasing and, in other places, visitors have brought the virus with them.

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Just a shout out of gratitude to a neighbor helping out this “high-risk” disabled vet. She has a hubby, three kids, a job, a house and a “Stubby” lil’ dog to manage, and yet has found the time to keep me in supplies during this time of lockdown. Gratitude, L.G. You are a true YV hero. 

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The Joshua Tree Gateway Association of Realtors would like to express its strong opposition to the petition submitted by the Center for Biological Diversity to list the western Joshua tree as a threatened species under the California Endangered Species Act.

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Up until the Chinese coronavirus reared its ugly head, the U.S. economy,was the best it had been in decades. From massive job growth, drops in unemployment, record-breakingly good markets, and more money in the pockets of citizens instead of the government, and more, the future of the United…

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The supervisors have begun opening up our county because our businesses are suffering. Indeed they are. However opening up business without also taking control of the Covid-19 virus is a risk public health. Unless we have a clearer picture of the virus’ presence in our county it is very risk…

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I was appalled to see Trump’s name on the stimulus check. This administration has politicized the global pandemic from day one. The money did NOT come from him or anyone who holds the Trump name. It was passed in the House and approved by the Senate. It is OUR tax money that will pay for the…

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We hear you. For the entrepreneurs and small business owners in our community, particularly those we work with day in and day out, we wanted you to be aware that we hear and understand your frustration with the uncertainty that you are dealing with. Many of the team members at the Inland Emp…

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Here we are, most people quarantined while brave, courageous individuals are facing first-hand the threat of this artistically beautiful, tiny COVID-19 wreaking havoc for its survival/growth!

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So the president of these United States has actually mentioned that maybe a person could be injected with Lysol, bleach or some other disinfectant or even have some kind of powerful ultraviolet light placed in one’s body to kill the virus.

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Your article “Joshua trees recommended for threatened species listing” mentions a past Yucca Valley planning commissioner and building contractor/developer, Tim Humpreville, saying he was arguing the Joshua tree from going on the “threatened species list.” So he said in the article the listi…

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Local news promotes community and local business and protects taxpayers. For 84 years for The Desert Trail and 63 years for the Hi-Desert Star, we have stood up for what’s right — making sure the people of this area are informed and empowered. Along the way, we’ve done some good, like helpin…

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I just came back from a celebration of life. It was the funeral of a young man who had so many friends and family that the large church was packed. He seemed to have everything going for him in his life and yet he ended it himself.

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Those profiting off our disastrous health care system keep pushing patchwork bills and incremental change. But we don’t need more Band-Aids. We want real reform. We want Medicare for All.

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CoronaHysteria continues to propagate unfettered on a daily basis to the point of qualifying to be a comedy sitcom, but this comedy is far from being funny and more tragic than anything our world has ever been faced with.

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I keep wondering if we are all in this together when there are still more than a few residents who refuse to wear a mask while grocery shopping. It is evident that the masks we are wearing are not 100 percent preventative; however, it’s better than nothing. And when more than one person wear…

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The outbreak of COVID-19 is radically changing how everything from governments and businesses to churches operate. It is the duty of each of us to be a role model now, to be the voice of reason and the picture of sensible precautions. Several local leaders are taking on that role, and we hop…

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