I heard about the latest pit bull attack through my neighbors, and I read the heartbreaking letter in the Hi-Desert Star from the owner of Foxy. Foxy. The sweet, innocent dog that happily walked every day with her dad to our mailboxes.

I waved daily to them. Sometimes we met at the mailboxes and I gave her a little pat on the head. On many occasions, they had a little boy with them. I believe a grandson. And fortunately, he wasn’t with them the day of the attack.

Dogs are pack animals. It doesn’t take an animal expert to know this (and I am not one). But I do own large dogs and dogs pack up, which is a recipe for disasters such as this. Truly, I believe after such a vicious attack, the animals are predisposed for another.

We are an active community here. Families walk with their dogs, people run and bike, many of us ride our horses. Aren’t we entitled as residents some expectation of safety? What are we supposed to do if attacked by a dog on public property? How did these animals get loose?

We are past the “it was an unfortunate accident” situation. There have been far too many incidents locally of pit bull attacks; some have resulted in the death of a human. There is a problem. There must be a solution. These animals are unpredictable.

To Foxy’s family, my deepest sympathies to you. I believe all our kids go to a great place filled with flowers, friends and comfy napping spots. I know your hearts are broken, and I’m sorry for this.

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