1. Old people say, “see a penny pick it up and all the day you will have good luck.” Darkness tricks, if you pick up a penny you are agreeing that it is compensation for a wrong that has been committed against you.

2. Old people say, give and God will give unto you, but darkness says steal everything they have, stop at nothing  — lie, cheat, make them homeless, finish them off! 

3. Old people say, OK you made a mistake, you can have a second chance, and let me help you get on your feet — I expect nothing in return. Darkness says, if I do this for you, you are forever in my debt for your lifetime — otherwise I will make your life miserable.

4. Old people say, love thy neighbor as you would love yourself. Darkness says, make your neighbor a friend and if they even so much as look sideways, take everything they got and finish them.

5. Old people say, let no man suffer, but darkness says, fall, fall, fall, die, die, die.

6. Old people say, learning is next to knowing God. It will make you a better person. Darkness says no matter how many sleepless nights it takes, finish the job of killing that person, then go, run and hide in the darkness.

7. Old people say what is this darkness teaching our grandchildren? Darkness answers teach that child to be an assassin and not feel guilty for ruining a good person’s life.

Logic asks in darkness, when is there time for reflection? Logic sees in God there is life, and in darkness there is death and destruction. Logic asks which is better to run a country?

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I say this :

Practice what you preach and your own soul you might reach .

You wrote so many self righteous quotes it made me think you may be the one with the problem(s).

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