I have to respond to the ignorant letter dated Nov. 15 from Jim Bagley regarding district elections whether school board or city council.

This has nothing to do with the one party rule, blue or red, the current administration, or any administration from here in California. There is no law or mandate (like you say) that says we have to have district elections. This is the result of being threatened with a lawsuit from attorneys who represent minorities who feel unrepresented by people who don’t look like them. While this may be the case in larger cities where certain areas are concentrated by a large minority of one group not represented by their peers, I agree with Mr. Bagley that it is probably not necessary here in the Morongo Basin since minorities live all over the Basin and are not concentrated in one area.

However, my opinion and Mr. Bagley’s opinion is irrelevant. Every city or school board that has fought this kind of lawsuit has lost! Not one case has been won here in California. That being said I’m glad our school board and city councils have enough brains to not waste our taxpayer dollars fighting a lawsuit that has a zero chance of winning.

Mr. Bagley should get his facts straight and stop spreading false information like his hero in the White House and the rest of his ignorant, hateful and angry followers do. He should educate himself instead of writing fake news. We have so much to be grateful for when you compare what’s going on in the rest of the world.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Mr. Wiebler should get his facts straight and stop spreading false information like his hero Kevin Shenkman and the rest of his ignorant, hateful and angry followers do. Since the passage of AB 370 their have been numerous cities sued and threatened with litigation over district elections. That bill does mandate change from at-large election systems to district based elections. All it takes is one person to "feel unrepresented" and that even includes special interest progressive lawyers such as Mr. Shenkman who does not even live in our district but loves the idea of creating division and governmental control upon its citizens. It has everything to do with the one party rule, blue, and the current administration here in California. It is sad that to even to object to something that "is not necessary" should be subjected to punitive repercussions at the taxpayers expense. It is also very sad that anyone could be so ignorant in the belief of the oxymoron " unrepresented by people who don’t look like them". Also just label my "irrelevant opinion" as "not necessary" compared to what’s going on in our world.


"minorities who feel unrepresented by people who don’t look like them" sure seems a tad bit racist to me. My irrelevant opinion. Maybe we can get some legislation passed to correct this dilemma.

Branson Hunter

Cookie, could you explain what you wrote?


Yes Branson, I will break it down so even you can understand. If electing people "who do not look like us" is a problem maybe we can get it solved by legislating a "mandate" to solve that issue. Once that issue is solved we can move on to solve the problems that "mandate" has created, Savvy?

Branson Hunter


Mark Simmons

Be careful CookieG BH likes to troll these pages for comments and then has a habit of reposting them on other blogs without permission. Right Ben Holstrom???

Branson Hunter

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