We choose to fly a flag in our front yard to support our President. This is America, it is our First Amendment right to do so.

To the coward who sent hate mail full of typos and expletives, with a fake return address, to us and two other homes (that we know of) in the Sky Harbor area, our flag will continue to fly. Fellow supporters of our President, who have now heard of your hate mail tactic, will soon begin flying their flags as well.

By the way, addressing the envelope to “DJT worshipper” is totally wrong; we do not worship President Trump, we worship Jesus Christ. God bless America!

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How sad on all fronts.

I know when myself and others that I personally know fly the flag of The United States of America it is to honor this great nation and the people past and present that made or make this nation great, not to honor any particular individual.


He doesn't say it's a US flag. I assume it's a Trump flag.


Silly me! I never connected *those* dots. I only read hard news, often from non-United States sources. The old television remains unplugged as always as it's a waste of electrons and predates the digital broadcast stuff. It makes a good plant shelf though.

Their flag, pole and property.

Regretfully ignorant and the mentally unbalanced are in abundance.

tRump isn't my choice of presidential candidate, however I still support that democracy only functions when all have the freedom of CHOICE.


Golly gee whiz, they do sell them. "Highest Quality-Low Price". Plenty of verbiage (propaganda) yet no origin of manufacture on any site I looked on.

Me guesses that "support tRump-Support America" was probably made in an Communist Chinese economic zone. So much for supporting 'Merica and 'Merican workers.

I wonder if they realize that "America" is pretty non-specific. Which America? North? South? Mexico? Canada? Brazil?

T Twelvetrees

We fly an American flag at all times at our place. Only one on the street. How times change. It used to be if you weren't proud enough to fly an American flag, move.

If it is a Trump flag, burn it..


It is the right of the person flying their flag to fly whichever flag they want. To say if it is a President Trump flag, burn it.....that is a problem. There is no reason that anyone should ever send hate mail to any person for simply exercising their right to do so. The purpose of this letter to the editor is more about the hate mail and a cowardly stranger feeling that it is okay to send it. Disgusted does not even describe how I feel about this coward.


Why should it matter which flag it is? It is their yard, their flags, their right. However, freedom of speech is a right as well, but sending hate mail, threats, and using fake addresses through the USPS??? I truly hope this hateful individual is found and watched, because they're obviously a bit unhinged. Or maybe more than a bit. It takes a broken mind to actually act on the impulse of sending nasty, foul, hateful mail to strangers.


The last I knew you were able to fly a flag of one's choice. This is all that this person is doing. This is harassment, stalking and threading. There should be some sort of law against this behavior. To the person that is doing this, you need to get over yourself and get a new life.


Last I knew is that one could fly a flag of their choice. The person flying this flag is not harming anyone. To the one that is sending harassing and threatening letters, you should be reported for this and you also need to get a new life. Get over yourself.


Why are Trump haters so crazy? Will this letter writing person result to violence just because someone is flying Trump flags in their yard? I think because they were mailed, it was a Federal offense and I hope the letters are turned over to the FBI. They are domestic terrorists and they need to be stopped.


If the shoe was on the other foot, you Trump-haters would be defending Biden flags tooth and nail. But, you’ll never have to because stealing flags, vandalizing property, and sending hate mail is only done by fascists who have been brainwashed by the likes of Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon. It has become very clear that the Left now embraces bigotry, which is simply defined as "intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself." Before you try to reply with the tired “Trump is a racist” BS, just know that people of every color and creed support him, and you only have to look outside your liberal bubble to see that as truth. If you defend this serial sender of anonymous hate mail, YOU are what’s wrong with this country…..not the President or his supporters.


$10 says all the new Trump posters have the same IP address


wow 👏


How sad that one can carry such animosity & be triggered enough to send a hate filled letter, by another's exercising their rights by displaying their respect for our current president and enjoying the freedom to participate in the re-election campaign for him. Would that person really want to stifle that process, or have these ugly words spoken to you if you went public with your choice? Seems it's time to check yourself, self evaluate, and chill. I'm proud of our rights. Nobody should have to live in fear.


I support Trump and proudly fly his flag!! If it were a Biden flag, I would never be the coward this this person is to send such evil letters to them. Just because I don't agree with their opinion doesn't mean I have to be evil and vile about it.

Stacy Moore

Three things: One, I took out a comment offering to meet in real life because that could get dicey very quickly. Two, for the record, I checked the IP addresses since there was a sudden influx of people with similar opinions and they are different. Three, welcome new commenters! I'm trying to enforce a "no getting personal" rule here. It's easiest to follow if you remember to comment on the content of the letter or the other responses, without personally addressing another responder.

T Twelvetrees

I never watch Maddow or any of that. Don't watch Fox either. Don't watch Trump.

Biden . I read the news online..AP...UPI...Google, local news. I seriously doubt that this letter went through the USPS. The FBI has more important things to do than chase down hate mail. if you can't fly the American flag, beat a trail back to Moscow...


I fly an American flag .

I Definitely wouldn't fly a Trump flag or one of those insulting ,fake ,thin blue line , cop flags either . They are both only equally good for toilet paper .

But I do tend to notice its always the so-called left wing liberals that have Nooo problem infringing on other people's lives and rights while screaming like stuck pigs about precieved infringement on their rights.


We have flown Old Glory on our porch since 9-11 and will till the war on terrorism ends. I wish everyone still did. United we stand!

I respect those flying a Trump flag and hope they are doing so beneath the Stars and Stripes.


I respect those flying the Marine Flag too... even though I was Army.


I even respect those flying the old Battle Flag of Northern Virginia, if it’s done at a dedicated station.

T Twelvetrees

So the leader of our country, Donald Trump is so special and Royal that wearing a face mask at a Ford plant making respirators for dying COVID-19 patients was too much to ask of him. This is his stupid narcissistic response to taking his mask off that he had on after he took a look at some versions of the Ford GT40~~> “But I didn’t want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it."<~~~. I wrote Trump at the White House to tell him my thoughts as I do quite often. What are kids supposed to think? How do you explain to a child why they have to wear a mask, but the president does not have to.?

There is no explanation. is there?

Fly your Trump flags to honor the creeper.


"How do you explain to a child why they have to wear a mask, but the president does not have to?" - Excellent point!

And you did use your real name when complaining to the President, right?

T Twelvetrees

I always use my given name when writing the president. The screen name I use is to keep the nut cases from coming over to my house and burning it down or hurting my family. Michael Cohen is out after a year in the slammer. He won't talk too much right now. He does not want to get Khashoggi'd .

I am one person that read "The Art of the Deal" when it came out in 1987. I went to Crown Books in South Coast Plaza and paid a pile of money for it. Never watched "The Apprentice" since trump had burned so many people that were building contractors like me. I did vote for him...I won't do it again. I voted for Gerald Ford while I was in the Army in 1976, but he lost to a very weak Jimmy Carter. The entire Iranian hostage situation took Carter out of contention forever. The 55 mph national speed limit was a real hassle . Trump will not serve a second term in my opinion, unless he can start a war with China or Russia so he can declare himself president for life with clowns like John Ratcliffe and Lindsay Graham, that other nose puppy

I bet Trump's moronically privileged son Don Jr. will be the next moron to have to deal with. He is also Royalty and very special. Just ask him...


Lots of Mikes in this world.


What to tell kids....hmm

Option One-The President was in a special room with a special duct to blow the virus away from him and into a vacuum cleaner.

Option Two-The President is an idiot and a poor excuse for a person, and if you do real well in school and treat others with respect, you could be a BETTER President when you grow up.

Branson Hunter

Some would say the flag may be flown upside down because the country is in distress and in danger. 4 USC 1 (et seg) embodies the US flag code. A good many can successfully argue that we are distressed and in danger. Nature has declared war on us; looks like we're going to go into depression; worldwide epidemic is killing us; we have multiple constitutional challenges; we are a nation divided (even more so than we were divided during Vietnam aggressions on another country; we have over 35 million people out of work with no job, no income, no family or individual health insurance. Personally I could understand why someone would fly our flag upside down even though such a person loves his country dearly. But it's difficult to understand why someone would send an alleged threatening, disgusting letter to someone displaying a flag the proper way on their property.


I think it's ridiculous to be so divided. If you don't like someone's flags, posts, whatever, you have the freedom to keep scrolling or look another way! So sick of snowflakes being so offended by everything & then think its OK to attack us because we like our President!! We sat around & watched Obama DUMP AMERICA for 8 years & we sat there quietly awaiting his departure! Just because you don't like someone or something doesn't give you the right to call people names, threaten them or any other of your fake scare tactics! Whoever wrote the letters is a coward since they can't add their return address to the envelopes! Go ahead, stay in the shadows cuz us Trumpsters MORE than make up for your small pathetic numbers & attempts to scare & silence us WONT happen! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

T Twelvetrees


~~~>Just because you don't like someone or something doesn't give you the right to call people names<~~~ says the pot calling the kettle black.....Just what is a snowflake snik96...My understanding is it is a negative, along the lines of racism...


It's not racist. Just a pejorative term, that gained popularity after the movie called Fight Club. It's kind of strange that Trump folks like throwing out the term, when the guy they so ardently support can't take a punch himself. Kind of wonder if he every had the opportunity to taste his own blood.


Anyone who sends "hate mail" full of "typos" and "expletives" with a "fake return address" because of political differences is more than a "coward". They personify the "hate" which I assume they are supposedly attempting to convey. "Snowflakes" by definition are "overly sensitive and easily offended" people and the word can be looked up in any dictionary. Attributing the term "snowflake" as "along the lines of racism" is ridiculous and is indicative of liberals being "overly sensitive and easily offended". It is sad enough that we have a few people "whining" about "MAGA" hats and "signatures" but to personally send a "letter" full of "expletives" regarding any "flag" to someone is rock bottom low.


I guess by the new definition of "snowflake" as "overly sensitive and easily offended" would easily apply to dumb donald.

Agreed- to send hate mail to anyone for any reason is not only lower than low, it's also criminal.


The definition of the term "snowflake" is not new. To apply the term "snowflake" to "dumb Donald" would be a step up from the usual derogatory terms such as "Nazi", "Fascist", "Racist" and even "dumb Donald". It would be considered highly inappropriate usage by the common liberal mindset that tends to attribute simple words such as "snowflake" as being "racist". It is good to finally see a president such as "dumb Donald" toss out the "manure'" just as easily as it is thrown at him. Drives the liberals into an insane frenzy. I agree they will not stop in the attempts of committing criminal acts. It has been pretty much nonstop since the election and has even insnared high profile government officials who should have known better. It is great to see the "criminal " and the "lower than low" acts are finally addressed and cleaned up from the top level down.


Yeah, twittering out insults at 3 a.m. is really taking care of business. It's pretty obvious Trump can't take a punch. The guy couldn't even hit .200 while playing first base for his small-time military school team. Decent glove, no stick. At one time Trump bragged about being major league material, unfortunately the newspaper accounts of high school days don't support that claim. Kind of like his exploits today.

T Twelvetrees

Trump is such a bozo. God help us all if his kid Jr.uses his gold spoon to line up all of the poor and tattoo the gentrification number on them......

T Twelvetrees

Can't win em all..

Liberal I am not. I voted for Trump believing he was going to do something special. Too bad he turned out to be a snowflake.. We obviously come from different cultures. I have read thousands of words you write, and I can agree with some of it. Ridiculous? Most of what you write is...

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