I volunteered to help patrol Bhakti in Twentynine Palms.

From Wednesday night until Sunday morning about 2 a.m. I saw zero drug use, zero use of alcohol (most alcohol I saw was in my golf cart) and zero indecent exposure.

Seen people changing or bathing, but I looked away ’cause that would be peeping and that is creepy.

Seen zero animosity or vandalizing. Every morning was peaceful and quiet with some low music and chants.

At night, it got a little bit more upbeat, yet was shut down by 11 p.m. (the base don’t shut down artillery exercises that shake my windows and fly helicopters over my house in all hours of any day or night), and yes, I live near the golf course.

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Branson Hunter

Excellent letter. Thanks for sharing.


Ok , everything is fine then. Nevermind.


Mr. Meyers, your experience was different from that of residents living on and near the festival site. Please don't insist they didn't see and hear what they saw and heard, and please don't be dismissive of their concerns. You volunteered to be there, they did not.

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