Trump continues to be a liar and a racist. For two years he has ramped up attacks on the Latino population. His puppets are encouraged and mimic his lack of character and integrity. Heck, he or his supporters couldn’t spell “honesty.”

Yes, Latinos are being treated worse than animals in a dog pound. His followers are following his lead of “open season” on the Latino population. See the white nationalist and racist who was so brave in attacking defenseless civilians who did not have weapons. In a real Trumpian way the coward turned himself in because he just could not take his own precious white life.

The Morongo Basin newspaper Trump supporters are just as bright as Trump. For example the commenter who claimed that because my last name is Gonzalez, I must be getting free rent. Dear sir, before you make such ignorant and Trumpian comments, you should know that I am a retired Marine master gunnery sergeant with 26 years of service. If the commenter was so patriotic, why didn’t he stay in the service long enough to retire? Most of the Trumpian commenters are eating up government or Veteran Administration benefits while they rail against big government and the needy. Hypocrites.

The Trump liars and racist are not the majority in the nation, but they sure populate a high number in the Morongo Basin.

Keep poking at the Latino population and I can assure you there is a reckoning coming in November 2020.

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