This letter is in response to the soapbox “Americans should wake up and support Trump before it’s too late” published Aug. 1 in the Hi-Desert Star.

Facts tell, not stories.

Fact No. 1. Only 25 percent of mass killers in the U.S. are confirmed to be “mentally ill.”

Fact No. 2. The U.S. has had 255 confirmed mass shootings this year. A factual review and survey of 23 counties list Mexico as having the second highest number with three. Four other countries had one each. All the other countries had zero mass shootings. Other countries have mentally ill people, video games, people who hate other races than their own; but they don’t have mass shootings. Only WE do. Because we let these people purchase weapons. Only the U.S. is arming our crazy people.

Fact No. 3. The last time we had a balanced budget was under Clinton. Now we have huge debt with a “sugar-high” stock market. We are vulnerable, without question.

Fact No. 4. No. 45 is fanning the divide in OUR country, while also weakening our military and economic status in the world. These are the facts. Look it up.

Fact. No. 5. Fox News has a lot to answer for in regards to the well thought out and researched Mueller investigation. No. 45 is NOT exonerated in any way, period.

So, I could easily go on. Just don’t devolve into finger-pointing, fear and anger until you get closer to reality. We would all benefit.

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Well Like Crazy uncle Joe Biden says " He wont confuse the truth with the facts"

Branson Hunter

Josh, while Biden makes his gaffes Trump can't be believed on what he says. And given Trump's never ending gaffes, who is the biggest gaffe guy?


You missed the point Hunter.


In the grand scheme of things it is much more preferable to have a leader that makes honest mistakes as compared to a PROVEN pathological LIAR.

Branson Hunter

We are living through politically challenging times. Each day it's something shocking and new. Today, it's punishing legal immigration conduct that was legal when legal immigrants immigrated. goverment employees assist new people into our country and encourage them to take advantage of entitlements. Now the President wants to and will denied US citizenship to many decent legal residents. The only important thing right now is Mount Rushmore. It just sits there. No new construction. King Trump should be there. And another thing, back in 1776, when three members of a secret committee from the Continental Congress came to call on Betsy Ross. Those representatives, George Washington, Robert Morris, and George Ross, asked her to sew the first flag. She did that. She created a complicated and proud flag that Republicans and Democrats came to respect. But that was then and this is now. King Trump should redesign the flag, like he redesigned the color schemes on Air Force One. How can we give more entitlement to the super-charged corporations and the most rich of non-paying taxpayers? We can cut entitlement to those most in need and give it to those not in any need. Article 25 is up to Pence. And the king doesn't like Article 25. Oh, well, can't we just stack federal departments heads with loyalists to the king? That skirt's congressional oversight? What are they going to do: arrest the President? Congress needs to do something constructive: “Fund the Face.” Let the Mount Rushmore carvings begin. Now is a good time to think innovative new flag colors schemes...(red, yellow) for the King’s perusal.


Well said S Shawn! Everyone knows our accidental President, Donald J Trump is a pathological liar and the laughing stock of the world. He’s simply a legend in his own “stable genius” mind yet unable to carry on a conversation above a third grade level. He consistently holds the poorest rating of any president in American history. Mr. Putin and the poorly educated Trump supporters are to be congratulated for putting this buffoon in office and hopefully they’ve learned a lesson.


Obviously S. Shaw does not live in reality and does a great job in finger-pointing by fabricating and spreading the fear and anger the letter references.

His or her stated opinions are not facts but progressive liberal talking points pushed by the irrational and lunatic radical left as seen in most of these letters and responding comments.

Common sense tells us we should not allow immigrants into this country that will be dependent on the public dole to meet their basic needs.

This country needs decent immigrants that can take care of themselves and make regular contributions to our society not take advantage of it.

I was surprised to learn that 63% of immigrants rely on entitlements with 80% of those with families dependent on the government to meet their basic needs.

California already has a third of America's welfare recipients taking advantage of entitlements and the Morongo Basin is the home of a much higher percentage.

This is one of the main reasons why California leans Democrat.

Conspiracy theories regarding color schemes, faces on Mount Rushmore, Putin, and collusion delusions of what the Mueller Report stated or did not state are perfect examples of those who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome that keeps them living in fantasyland!

Branson Hunter

Fact Check Cookie: Are 55 percent of immigrants in California on welfare? Tha needs to be reexamined. According to it is somewhat misleading based upon an old study and inefficient evidence. It is true CA has the highest rate of entitlement recipients and the highest number of immigrants. Since this president alleges to his base that he has done more for this country than anyone else, his true believers are not but why not begin a campaign to have the US senate "Fund the Face" for this President's likeliness to be carved into Mount Rushmore. And the US Flag... why not let the most unpopular president in history redesign the US flag color scheme? This would occur in trump's third term.

Branson Hunter

The president this week was unabashed when undermining Amendment XXII of the US Constitution. That amendment was ratified by the states on February 27, 1951, which limits an elected president to two terms in office. Trump enjoys musing about suspending the Constitution. BTW he has those power(s). I ask Cookie very seriously as a Morongo Valley neighbor, would this be okay with you under certain circumstances?


Conspiracy theories regarding new color schemes placed upon the U.S. flag, new faces to be carved on Mount Rushmore, and undermining the 22nd Amendment are perfect examples of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) as stated before.

Only a fanatical liberal living in fantasyland could fantasize about such nonsense.

To rescind the 22nd Amendment it would require that the bill pass both houses of Congress by a 2/3 majority and then be approved by a 3/4 super majority of the states and if this happens as required by our Constitution it would be perfectly fine by me.

Politifact's goal is to reflect the relative accuracy of a statement not studies.

Politifact examines many subjective political statements and responds occasionally with opinions.

For example on August 14th Gavin Newsom stated as a fact ""The vast majority of San Francisco’s homeless people come from Texas" which was rated a pants on fire lie which the response was not based on opinion.

Seriously common sense tells us we should not allow immigrants into this country that will be dependent upon the public dole to meet their basic needs would you agree?

Seriously this country needs decent immigrants that can take care of themselves, their families and make regular contributions to our society not take from it would you agree?

Seriously the State of California and our country already has enough citizens dependent on others for their basic needs would you agree?

Is it nice to know that ICE Air is increasing their flights to Guatemala from 9 a week to 20 to alleviate the problems with our packed detention facilities?

Let this discussion be based upon reality rather than on useless political conspiracy theories.

Branson Hunter

Okay Cookie, lets discuss. FIRST, it is not conspiracy. You are the only one who is saying that. It would surprise no one if tomorrow trump tweets: "I think some colors on the flag should be changed. TWO: Yes I did muse about the president wanting to change the colors. Only an idiot President would seriously keep probing government experts and staff about buying Greenland. THREE: The amendment (22) requiring a pres to only stay two terms is akin to term limits. Why hold me responsible for fearing this man will stay beyond two terms. Trump has foisted that many times and just recently. He'll think of somethingwhen the time comes and his followers will back him. FOUR: I fact check something and you essentially posted from another source. You reply is the same as saying -- truth is not truth. FIFTH: I think we agree on this one. IF the Governor said this, ""The vast majority of San Francisco’s homeless people come from Texas." -- he ought not play those silly game and be more careful. SIXTH: LEGAL IMMIGRANTS GETTING PUBLIC HELP. I agree. That makes America great. They continue to do great things after they get on their feet, including students. SEVENTH: We don't want a class society of only rich immigrants and exclude all others. How many natural born citizens would be here? The "Poem" on Lady Liberty reflects what makes America great -- not an unstable and unpopular president. Our doors are open to legal immigration of all ethnicities and backgrounds. It’s necessary to streamline the entire immigration and naturalization system. This means changing the Code of Federal Regulations and United States Codes. EIGHT: Yes we have too many folks that depend upon the government. We need a government that cares about infrastructure to create jobs, jobs that pay a decent living. Robots are rapidly taking over jobs. That will be another national crises. Many military families are also on EBT assistance. The real giveaway programs are recipients of mega corporations and people so reach it is beyond imagination. NINE: Not meant as a insult, but I don't believe understand of care about the massive political upheaval in countries south of Mexico. It is a world-wide crises of refugees and we had a hand in creating those problems. FINALLY: You asked more questions that you gave replies or answers. Is that playing fair -- quid pro quo -- in the quest for meaningful and intelligent dialogue?


Conspiracy theories and baseless hypotheticals are used frequently by those who suffer from paranoia.

No insult intended but Alex Jones and our local Don McKinney use them well.

I am not alone at laughing at silly fabricated innuendos.

You are the only one who keeps musing about the president wanting to change the colors of our flag.

Former President Harry Truman attempted to buy Greenland for $100 million in gold in 1946.

"Donald Trump 'MIGHT' Want To Buy Greenland".

"SOURCES tell The Wall Street Journal that Trump has asked White House counsel to look into buying the ice-covered Danish territory."

"The SOURCE present viewed the remark as more of a boastful joke than a serious question".

Even the liberal newspaper Huffington Post admitted it was a hypothetical but good enough to feed it to those who suffer from the Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Anyone who mentions fear concerning our Constitution and specifically the 22nd Amendment is definitely suffering from some form of paranoia.

If anyone was concerned about the truth not being the truth they should had questioned the information presented from the onset such as the ridiculous claim presented in this letter such as "The U.S. has had 255 confirmed mass shootings this year".

ABC has reported only 17 deadly mass shootings in the US so far in 2019 but I guess someone has a better source.

Governor Gavin Newson did in fact state "The vast majority of San Francisco’s homeless people come from Texas" and I do agree that it was about as silly as someone stating such irrational things such as "new color schemes being placed upon the U.S. flag, new faces to be carved on Mount Rushmore, and undermining the 22nd Amendment".

It is good that we both can agree that this country needs decent legal immigrants that can take care of themselves, their families and make regular contributions to our society not take from it which should be addressed in new immigration policies.

Our doors are open to legal immigration of all ethnicities and backgrounds and we do have more than our fair share of citizens that depend upon the government and we definitely do not need more.

If we do have such an unstable and unpopular president why all the fear and loathing that he may be re-elected and the silly additional innuendos about rescinding the 22nd Amendment?

The only jobs our Government creates is Government jobs at the taxpayers' expense.

Sadly the Government not only just do not create jobs other than government jobs it can not even pay our military servicemembers adequately enough so a few have to rely on welfare.

Corporations creates the jobs that even illegal immigrants are risking their lives and fleeing those third world countries that lack our capitalistic principles and the economic success it creates.

Corporations and their industries is what creates the meaningful jobs and employment opportunities which makes America great by providing the working class salaries which also supports families and even supports our tax revenues locally, state wide and federally.

Tax write off's and deductions are not give away programs whether or not individually nor corporate unless someone thinks that it is their money to begin with.

Those massive waves of illegal immigrants flowing into this country from third world countries are leaving because of both the political and economic problems associated with the rampant political corruption taking place under the guise of socialism.

We did not create those problems, they did.

Venezuela is an excellent example of consequences of the rapid fall of the economy from capitalism to socialism.

If I fail to address any questions or concerns please let me know.

It is sometimes difficult to interpret and respond to obtuse statements such as robots are rapidly taking over jobs.

Maybe someone could suggest some law keeping this tragic event from happening!

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