An American president has just failed two tests of his patriotism. While in France at ceremonies to mark the end of World War I, he couldn’t be inconvenienced to attend a gathering at a cemetery where Americans who were killed in that conflict are buried. If what appeared to be a light rain precluded using his Marine 1 helicopter to attend he could have driven the 50 miles to the cemetery. There was nothing else on his schedule to prevent him taking the couple of hours it would have taken to be present. His chief of staff and the joint chief of staff of the armed forces were there. Instead he spent the several hours before evening events at the ambassador’s house tweeting about the elections.

Then on Sunday, he further insulted our nation, it’s veterans and active military by not attending the Veterans Day ceremony at Arlington cemetery to lay a wreath at the grave of the Unknown Soldier. Every president as far back as the establishment of the tomb has attended the ceremony every Veterans Day.

This lack of empathy and respect for the sacrifice made by Americans for their country is unforgivable. A man who sends American soldiers who have spent multiple tours in combat to our southern border as a political stunt before an election, keeping them from their families on Thanksgiving has no care for the sacrifice they have been making for America.

Any member of Congress who continues to support this hollow, self-centered poor excuse for a leader deserves no respect from American citizens and should not be representing the people of this great nation. A blue wave has cleansed some of the Trump sycophants in Congress. There is more work to be done.

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And to think our local Good 'Ol Boy Congressman Cook supports Trump 98%. Pathetic.


We have a big lift ahead if this congressional district only puts one party in front of the voters. It is not unreasonable to be conservative nor is it unreasonable to be liberal. The challenge is whether we will make the other our enemy within our own country.

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