I was appalled to see Trump’s name on the stimulus check. This administration has politicized the global pandemic from day one. The money did NOT come from him or anyone who holds the Trump name. It was passed in the House and approved by the Senate. It is OUR tax money that will pay for these stimulus checks and small-business loans and grants. Trump must remove himself from his self-constructed pedestal and join reality!

He has treated this health crisis like a TV plot from day one. First it “was a Democratic hoax,” then “there is only 15 cases which will go down to zero,” then “like magic it will just go away,” and the biggest flub was floating the idea of injecting disinfectant and using UV rays on the body. He has touted a drug that was suggested by one of his largest political donors.

When is he going to face the fact that this is the United States that he is supposed to be running, not a reality TV series? This president has something seriously wrong with his thought process, and he must realize that there are some citizens who actually believe his statements and lies!

He has supported the demonstrations in only the Democratic governors’ states, thus promoting civil unrest. These governors are following HIS guidelines outlined by HIS Coronavirus Task Force.

From day one he has divided our nation into “his” followers and the rest of the American public. His base are not the only voters who love our country. We can accomplish more by standing as one.

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Donald tRump has always lived in an alternate universe reality television show. It started long before he even thought of running for president and continues to this day. British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) even did a documentary about him approximately a decade or so ago, and decided it wasn't worth airing at the time. The BBC did air it online during the early days of the election with no real additional commentary or real judgement, just simple statement of facts.

Nothing has changed, and to expect tRump to join the caring civilized human race would be rather foolish at best.

The light is getting brighter at the end of the tunnel and tRump won't be re-elected and we as a country can move on and heal, then prosper again.

One more reminder to everyone regardless of political party: Stay Safe, Be Safe, Social Distance, Mask and Glove Up! Covid19 is only slowed, not stopped....so be on guard. It's not much fun being dead, even if you are rich or poor, liberal or conservative.


How ironic......

A letter complaining of the politicization of the global pandemic .........

The letter in itself and by definition politicizes the global pandemic .........

The letter was replete with all the hyperbole and the hypocrisy that promotes the divisiveness in our nation.................

Keep up the good work..........

It may or may not reap huge dividends in the next election...........

One reminder regardless of who gets elected next November...............

The divisiveness will continue no matter who is elected ..........


Somebody needs help:

Using Ellipses. An ellipsis consists of either three or four periods, or dots. A single dot is called an ellipsis point. ... An ellipsis can indicate the omission of words in the middle of a quoted sentence or the omission of sentences within a quoted paragraph.


So the message may not be grammatically correct, but does that change the truth of his message? No it doesn't. Thanks


Could I make a suggestion or two?

This is to the unnamed writer of the top editorial.

If you going to point out the dishonesty of someones motives you should not hide in the shadows of anonymity.I am guessing you are on the editorial staff. You are entitled to write your opinion , but it seems disingenuous and low brow in the manner in which you have done so.

Secondly , your paper should not be asking for donations from the public.

One can only conclude that this is the reason the writer is anyomous .


The hi-desert star has divided our community into their left wing readers and the rest of the Morongo Basin . The editorial staff are not the only voters who love our country. We can accomplish more by standing as one and stop adding to the strife and division with fish barrel journalism.

Comment deleted.

Hey Gabe, don't fall off the high horse. You're so far off the ground, it would be deadly. McConnell and Eric Cantor threw down the polarization gauntlet after Obama's re-election. Both stated they would offer zero cooperation with dems. In 2008 Obama should have figuratively kicked in the repubs teeth when he had a majority in the house. Oh wait, he had to be a leader and put the country back on track from financial disaster. Yeah, transgender folks (.6-1%) in the US really have the country in peril. Gabe, we have more serious problems at hand, than worrying about what kind of underwear someone is wearing. Adults and children? You fell for the pizza and kiddy porn ring thing in 2016?


I am the person that wrote the original editiorial. I DID sign my name when I submitted it, and I have no idea why it was not there! I am not hiding behind anything or anyone. I am NOT an employee of the Star. I stand behind my words and am proud to be a logical thinking adult who can muddle through the murk that this administration throws out there to confuse those who cannot see the sludge that they exude.


If your convictions are so strong give the money back .

Or use it to leave the country.


“Your Economic Impact Payment Has Arrived,” says the letter’s boldface heading. The letter, written on White House stationery, opens with the salutation, “My Fellow American.”

“Our great country is experiencing an unprecedented public health and economic challenge as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic,” the letter says. “Our top priority is your health and safety. As we wage total war on this invisible enemy, we are also working around the clock to protect hardworking Americans like you from the consequences of the economic shutdown. We are fully committed to ensuring that you and your family have the support you need to get through this time.

signed “Donald J. Trump.”

T Twelvetrees

Josh...We got the same letter yesterday, without any money. just a promise that a check or Debit Card was happening...just the noise so far. Our letter dated April 24 matched the get My Payment website online spiel I have read every day since April 18....Reminds me of the 60's and a government that likes to make it really tough on the disabled retired people like me...Last on the food chain,


I got my check , 2400 . Haven't touched it in case they change their mind. You should have got it if your letter is dated April 24th. That was a Friday, you should've gotten it by Tuesday th 28th. I would look into it further.

Branson Hunter

Good to see you got your check Josh. Spend it wisely. Food shortages and the spike in groceries as expected are beginning to show up. Store bulk water. Store beans, dried fruit, nuts and rice. Have a good day and keep me all laughing with your comic routine. When Joshua Tree opens up you can do Open Mic at the old Beatnik Cafe.


Finally, someone who gets it. I like in myself to the clean version of George Carlin. With way less jokes and way less talent,


Stacy Moore

Barbara Delph is the author of this piece. I've added her name to the byline. There was nothing nefarious, just a mistake when posting this letter. I apologize to Barbara; she certainly wasn't trying to remain in the shadows. Also, on the newspaper editorials, the editorial board is Desert Trail Editor Kurt Schauppner, Publisher Cindy Melland and me. Editorials are written by one or all of us and have to be approved by Cindy. Again, there's no attempt to be tricky or stay in the shadows. If you have any questions about letters or editorials, you can always email me. My direct line and email are at the "Contact Us" at the bottom of the page.



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