“I’d rather be Russian than a Democrat” T-shirts were seen at a Trump rally. Really? 

When JFK was murdered Russia celebrated ... and so did some Republicans. 

If something would have happened to Obama during his time in office would they have celebrated too? I wonder. 

Are all of you current or ex-military types pleased with how Don ripped into Lt. Col. Vindman, other veterans and gold-star families? Because I’m not.

This Ukraine scandal is all about helping Russia/Putin over the U.S.; let us not be fooled by this. 

If you support Don then I question your patriotism. Impeachment and removal from office is a clean way out. 

Now if Don is acquitted in the Senate his minions will be saying that it will be OK to cheat, lie, get help from foreign governments and steal any election. 

Could this be the death knell for our Democratic Republic? Putin will be so happy. He has decided to bring down America, his strongest adversary, by getting help from the many gullible Trump supporters without firing a shot. 

Putin hated Obama and Hillary so much and it looks like he is joined at the hip by some of you. Time to choose America and her democracy or lose our precious way of life. We have reached a critical time in our county which was once the shining light on the hill for all to follow out of the darkness of oppression, dictatorships and thug rule. 

If you love Russia it’s time to pack your bags and go there to live. You’ve made your choice. 

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Trump and Putin are now the two most powerful criminals in the world.


And thank god one is American! When I voted for him I knew he would do all the criminal stuff you are saying!!! I am a little disappointed he did not start ww3. Also I was hoping he would be a racist but you can not have everything! I will just settle for him being a corrupt criminal.


People actually still believe there is a two party system and their vote matters ?

You would think that after all the presidents we've had since 1980 that we are being scammed.


Stephen, I thought the "Russian Collusion Delusion" was put to rest a while back with the release of the Mueller report and even more recently with the exposé of the findings of corruption by the DOJ OIG review of FISA violations. I can completely understand why your intent is to focus on and keep feeding the egos of those who are suffering from the effects of Trump Delusion Syndrome(TDS). Sorry Stephen but most Americans have realized that the "Russian" reference and all things associated with it was a political "hoax" designed to influence the "gullible" and is intended to be used to stimulate the minds of those afflicted with "TDS". The "resistance" can only beat the drum for so long before the truth is exposed and they should understand it would be best to move on to the next contrived conspiracy theory we see time after time. Two people wearing “I’d rather be Russian than a Democrat” T-shirts were seen at a Trump rally bothers you? Really? Worked well at the time when the photo taken by a Cleveland photographer was used by the Daily Kos liberal spin machine in March 2018 which would never point out that the only difference between a Democrat and a Russian these days is that the Russians have rejected socialism. Just curious but which Republicans celebrated JFK's death? Was it "dancing in the streets" type celebrations or possibly a "cheers in the hallowed floor of congress followed by long applause" or could it be the rewriting of American history the liberal left is famous for . Is LtCol Vindman your patriotic military hero? How ironic that he was admonished by his "patriotic" military superiors while stationed in Germany in 2013 for belittling fellow officers and making fun of the United States in front of "Russians" to the point that it made other American soldiers “uncomfortable.” I was told he really despised "Russia" and loved "America". I bet his political activism in uniform really makes you feel proud. The Ukraine scandal is all about "helping Russia and Putin"? Really? I was initially led to believe it was about "quid pro quo", "extortion", and "bribery" which was magically transformed into simple "abuse of power" and "obstruction of congress" partisan impeachment articles. I guess since the "Russian collusion", "extortion", "bribery", and "treason" allegations could not "fool" the public those charges had to be tossed out like yesterday's dishwater. I find it humorous that you actually used the claim "if the President is acquitted in the Senate" that "it will be OK to cheat, lie, get help from foreign governments and steal any election". By the way we are a "constitutional republic" not a "democratic republic" and we shall soon witness the greatness of our "constitutional republic" if or when those articles of impeachment is placed on trial in the Senate. I guess the other "minions" will once again be greatly disappointed as in all the previous fruitless attempts in overturning our election. Putin was happy when the attempt to "bring down America" by the use of the "Steele Dossier" loaded with "Russian misinformation" and "bar talk" bought and paid for by the DNC and illegally used by the FBI and Justice Department to influence not only our "constitutional republic" election process but also to feed the egos of the "gullible" who still continue to suffer from TDS. Sadly the "oppressions" and "thug rule" mentality that are uncovered and exposed in the findings of each of the recently released investigations is proof that we have a Government that poses a more realistic "threat" towards our "Constitutional Republic" and "precious way of life" than many foreign adversaries. Yet some are determined and contented in repeating the same "Russia" and "Putin" mantras. Yes, Stephen, I bet you are looking forward to next summer when Federal prosecutor John Durham releases his criminal probe and "shines the light" on the "darkness" which all the agencies, departments, and private actors "joined at the hip" are involved in perpetuating the "Russian hoax" upon the exploitable. Unfortunately the American people are not that "ignorant"!


Jim Hickman is the onetime military superior that is swiftboating Vindman. Hickman is now retired due to service injuries, living in Tampa and feeding conspiracy theories to media outlets like Center for Security Policy and Liberty Yielding. Looks like TTJ falls for conspircy theories too.


I would agree with your rebuttal TTJ.

However the last line should be rephrased.

There are many ignorant American people who fall prey to the radical progressive lies and talking points.

I would have said that many people are not that ignorant.


Branson Hunter

"Nixonm was aware of being presidential, Trump's plays from the gutter." Tom Brokaw, 22-23-29

Branson Hunter

Oops...y612-23-19 quote

Branson Hunter

Kindly re-read TT's comment... does it send a chill up your spine?


It sent chills up my spine also Branson.

That wonderful rebuttal should had been submitted to the HDS as a LTE.

T Twelvetrees

CookieG...Branson Hunter... Chills is an understatement..The LTE are limited to 300 words..TTJ's 679 words would not make the cut, but I guess you can regurgitate all you want as a reply.. I sent a rebuttal 300 word LTE last week and it did not get published and I doubt it will. Too harsh I suppose. TTJ just went through all of the talking points of the base and moronic masses that need another Yuri Andropov type leader. Propaganda was a Hitler tool. All one has to do is read Mein Kampf to get the gist, Some base yearlings are about as stupid as can be.


Gee Branson, I thought Stephan J. Bost went through the talking points and propaganda of his base.

You too can get your harsh LTE rebuttals published by submitting them as comments.

Your comments, I presume, are always unbiased, never based on any propagandic talking points and never needs a response.

Most of us never have to read Mein Kampf to get the gist.

Happy Holidays!

T Twelvetrees

I see CG...I used to have a blog that had many very important and brilliant writers such as yourself that are hard to understand as well...You forgot to mention Yuri Andropov....


Sorry Branson. Response should had been directed towards TT.

Stacy Moore

Twelvetrees, I just saw this comment by you. Someone from my office should have emailed you; we can't publish letters with pseudonyms but if you want to provide your IRL name and the community where you live, the Star and Trail will run your letter. You can email it to me at editor@hidesertstar.com.

Branson Hunter

TT, what a dark and dreary way to start out a new decade, 2020. Do you really believe that all U.S.

agencies are subversive with an intent to harm the American people? What is this resistance you speak of?


@*$@#@ Liberals! They want to raise our wages. Protect our jobs. Have cheaper and better healthcare. Safeguard Social Security and have a more livable environment ... sh**t don't get me started! MAGA Make America Greta Again.

Branson Hunter

Cookie you ought to read Mein Kampf to better educate yourself about evil. Trump is an evil man. Should he be re-elected we all will see evil and live with evil. Hitler was a cult. People were programmed to love this monster like a benevolent God.

Branson Hunter

Budman, your above comment is.an example of the effectiveness of divide and conquer.


Stephan's letter is the perfect example of the effectiveness of divide and conquer.

I understand now why some say reading comprehension is not your forte.

Budman by the way one of your fellow Trump hating liberals.

It is Stephan J. Bost and his minions that are programmed.

Help poor Stephan out and just name one Republican that celebrated the death of President Kennedy.

Instead of simply casting the evil platitudes I would suggest a little more gist.

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