Disclaimer: This letter is mildly tongue-in-cheek.

Hear ye hear ye! I hath prepared a message for thine eyes, oh ye of little faith.

Unemployment is the lowest it has been in decades. Job growth continues to exceed expectations. Poverty is in a steep decline. Many convicted of minor drug offenses are being released from sentences unbefitting the crime. American troops are being brought home after endless, pointless wars in countries we have little business being in. North and South Korea are headed towards peace after nearly a century of rivalry.

All thanks to Trump’s continued efforts to make America great again.

If this is the dark, then what, pray tell, is the light?

Is the light the Democrats attempting to impeach a duly-elected president over unproven claims of collusion and coercion in a kangaroo court while ignoring Joe Biden’s recorded admission of guilt of the same?

Is it Democrats silencing their opponents for simply having an opinion different to theirs? Is it Democrats wanting to raise taxes to 90 percent and beyond to pay for health care, college and climate plans that will not work as intended? 

Is it Democrats wanting open borders amidst a possible pandemic virus?

Is it Democrats establishing sanctuary cities for felonious illegal immigrants who have raped and murdered people?

Is it Democrat figureheads calling for violent riots, and their supporters demanding Republicans be killed or sent to gulags?

If that is the light, then praise the darkness and may it’s reign be everlasting!

All hail King Trump!

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Trump's idiocy is going to KILL US ALL!!!!


Democrats are the ones playing politics with Coronavirus relief efforts. They just blocked a stimulus bill.


“Trump's idiocy is going to KILL US ALL!!!!”

Oh stop the stupid screaming and pull yourself together.

Branson Hunter

The BBC this morning has one of the best stories you will ever read on Trump:BBC News - Coronavirus: What this crisis reveals about US - and its president


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