What has changed since the other school bond was voted down in 2016? Nothing!

I always try to qualify my decisions based on facts. I looked for the bond, but it is not posted on their website. I looked for the district budget but the one posted is for 2017-2018. How can we find out why the district needs another bond? They are asking people for a lot of money, yet they are not being transparent in sharing information.

The Measure C school bond is for a 30-year period, roughly $54 million. They promise to give priority to the Measure O “uncompleted projects,” (62 percent and $21 million), do maintenance and repairs to roofs/plumbing/HVAC and add security door locks.

Seems reasonable, but their Long Term Facilities Master Plan reflects hard costs (materials and supplies) of $199,717,155 plus soft costs (management fees) of $49,929,262 totaling $249,646,417. LOL … talk about wanting to drive a Mercedes on a Ford salary. Wouldn’t be nice if we put our “dream house” on paper and had our neighbors finance it for us?

They also want to rebuild their aquatics center and build a new performing arts center. Really?! The logical thing would be to partner with the town of Yucca Valley to use their brand new aquatics center and the local performing arts center to use their facility like other schools in cities and towns elsewhere; both of these projects are completely unnecessary!

I cannot vote to give them a huge bucket of money just because they want the biggest, baddest schools in California. I believe people should live within their means and I believe the school district should do the same! Vote NO on Measure C and another 30-year bond!

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I agree that people should not live beyond their means, but the strangest twist of all is that the Republicans of this district, many with major life challenges (like affording dental work), vote for the candidates (Republicans) who support giving the most to the wealthiest. I will vote against the tax on the many and opt for a tax on the money holders to pay for the schools.


I'll be voting NO due to the "fire fee" plus fire hazard insurance policy increase due to the lack of a local active manned and equipped fire station.

Basics FIRST - Like fire protection, then we can discuss luxury items for the schools.

Branson Hunter

My total mortgage payments have increased about $57 a month because of add on taxes, fees, and assessment. I've taught school in northern Idaho. They don't do such things to people that live in the area. They make do with what they have. Their classrooms are impeccable. Students loves those big huge modern modules -- well heated well air-conditioned. The district seems to want to focus on glammar as opposed to academics. Search CalMatters.com. read the articles on School District bonds. It's pretty much orchestrated, districts pushing for bonds they do not need and can live without. Vote no on measure C. A major recession is just around the corner. Districts should be preparing to disciplines themselves about jumping on the backs of taxpayers. Two of my senior Neighbors are desperately Clinging On to their houses Their Food Supplies are dwindling, they fear everyday for being put out in the street. this is pedemic throughout the district's reach. Thank you very much to the individual for putting this article out And doing homework that actually deal with fact and reality.


"In 2018–19, California public schools received a total of $97.2 billion in funding" - I think you probably get enough of that MUSD.

Mark Simmons

Well, well. I see that the Morongo Unified School District has it hands out yet again asking John and Jane Q. Taxpayers to foot the bill to fix, repair and modernize the facilities around the district. Sorry, this is NOT my problem! Nor, should it be anyone else’s problem either. When is the MUSD board going to get it through their thick, dense heads that property owners don’t want to foot the bill for yet another bond? We are currently paying on an existing school bond. Enough is enough! I, personally, am already taxed enough on my small property and house here. $33 per $100k may not seem like a lot to some of these “big wigs” like the insurance guy who endorses Measure C, but to people like me who aren’t as well off and factoring in the sewer, fire and other taxes already assessed on my property tax bill, Measure C would create a bit of a problem for us if voted in. My spouse and I have to live within our means. Why can’t the MUSD do likewise? I’m sorry that your facilities are in need of repair and it wants the bond to help modernize and build state-of-the-art athletic facilities. Those are great ideas! Now find a way to bring all those plans to fruition and pay for it yourselves! Maybe Mr. Insurance Guy and his ilk can privately help fund those hopes and dreams. Have more bake sales, fundraisers, cut the salaries of the superintendent and those in the administration, etc., do whatever it takes to get the job done. But, DO NOT expect my family and other families like mine to foot the bill! VOTE NO on Measure C!


Add to measure "C", the People's Republic of Kalifornia is looking to increase your taxes with Prop 13. Read it close folks, Billions of dollars more in debt, and $750 million earmarked for "Administrative" costs; i.e., lot of money for Newsome cronies and toadys.




No on Measure "C" and no on the new "Proposition 13". The government definitely needs to learn how to "live within their means"!


TTJ; surely you jest! Kalifornia state and kounties governments live within means of what the average lower middle class taxpayer should be burdened with? Fiscal responsibility?

Thar's gold in them's pockets! Grab it all!

It's a sunshine and air tax. No more, no less. It funds the relining of politicians pockets on an as needed basis.


No jest Blayd . Any idea of how Kalifornia keeps electing and re-electing the same tax and spend politicians that continue to falsely promote grand illusions of utopia while at the same time keep asking for more money? Gavin Newson does seem to be very popular since he was elected with 62% of the votes for Governor. It does seem the best response is to simply pack up and join the thousands of the middle class and the hundreds of businesses fleeing this state to lessen the increased burden of taxes. Common sense dictates why this phenomenon is a reality. The homeless, drug addicts, and criminals get more empathy and respect in this state than those who keep relining the pockets of the politicians on "an as needed basis". It is no wonder why our local fire departments, schools and other infrastructure are being pillaged.


I wonder how some of these local politicians would deal with a full on New England Town Meeting, where every line item was voted on. It certainly cut a lot of waste for the most part when a department head had to explain exactly why additional funds were required.

Of course residents could expect to devote a couple of evenings once a year, with maybe a mid year session for unforseen situations.

It shouldn't be up to a select few to determine the fate of many, but Kalifornian's evidently just don't seem to care, and would rather just whine after the fact.


Kalifornia: Can't afford a new roof on a shack, can afford a new mansion.

Branson Hunter

The California legislature created the local control funding formula (LCFF). This gave school officials

Carte blanch to spend money as they saw fit. California schools get more money; meanwhile, California has a yawning achievement Gap. So reports CalMatters editorial "California stubborn "Achievement Gap'.

MUSD almost demands Measure C be passed. MUSD will spend the money on new Aquatic Center; new gymnasium complex; Performing Arts Center complex; new computer; new classrooms; and on and on. They wanted it now! Check out the podcast on kcdc. There was no concern for the local homeowners.


Basically MUSD wants an overpriced entertainment center "because the kids are demoralized when visiting well-to-do communities out of area".

Interesingly, back in the day we were in better shape with a track, a field, and wooden bleachers. Sports and activities beyond a proper education were optional using what was available.

The career path for athletes is pretty limited to a talented few. Science, maths, and core skills don't require fancy anything.

So sorry to dash the luxury wish lists, however many taxpayers are already making hard decisions on what they have to give up, be it medical care, medicines, heat, or other nessesities.

I am fortunate that I am not making those hard choices, however at the current rate of increases it may become an issue eventually.

I am fiscally prudent so that when I retire I will have enough to get by one with maybe one planned inexpensive excursion annually. I suppose to some, that sounds selfish of me. I worked hard all my life, including in my youth, and still am. I'd like to enjoy a few years in retirement - just because.

Branson Hunter

Oops... KCDZ


Pro tip: spelling California with a K doesn't get any more clever the more you do it


What happened to the so called “Tea Party or Conservative” clubs up here???? Endorsing Measure C!!!! What a sham, we can no longer trust these RINO clubs to be honest and fiscally responsible.

Prop 13 is State wide and therefore will probably pass. It’s a 15 BILLION dollar bond for schools. Don’t be fooled to vote for Measure C because it’s “local” has MUSD proven to be responsible with OUR money. NO and that’s what I’ll be voting on Measure C and encourage you to do the same.


All the pleas on each side of the debate ring hollow. Where are the financials. Run them in the press so we can look at how much comes in and where and how it goes out. Convince me with audited numbers and reveal where excesses and shortage exist and I will be happy to keep an open mind.

Branson Hunter

Prop 13 will probably passed. This is Bill that changes everything around in terms of school funding. The schools with the most need will be funded first. Most needs means school with closed or condemned infrastructures, health and safety problems or closures.If MUSD fits this criteria it will have amazing funding; if not, it will still get its care of all of those billions. I will vote no on measure C. Proposition 13 seems a better way to fund local schools. That way we all pay for school funding, not just property owners!


I wouldn’t give a dollar with the current UnSuperintendant at the wheel.

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