The law says child maltreatment is when a person responsible for a child permits another person to abuse or neglect a child in either a physical, sexual, emotional or educational way.

If a parent can be charged with this crime and have a child removed by CPS, then doesn’t that make CPS responsible for the child?

CPS takes America’s kids away from their families and places them in someone’s home, who is paid by the government to care for the child until the child is an adult. They have no interest in what happens to a foster child, and if a child asks to go home they are denied their right to be with family. Now CPS is inflicting emotional trauma. Yes, they should be charged with a crime!

If you are someone who has lost your child to CPS, this story is for you.

In Washington, D.C., the United States Department of Health and Human Services has an ongoing study on the children of the foster care system and how they succeed. And this is what the study concluded. That in the 1980s in New York City and Los Angeles, 30-40 percent of the homeless were young foster children between 18 and 25 years old. In the 1990s, that number increased to 40-50 percent. In the year 2000, 80-90 percent were homeless. I’m sure 18 years later they’ve reached the 100 percent.

This is a government system designed to protect children. And it’s a lie. It is corrupt and we the American citizens need to put a stop to this CPS business. Voice your opinions to legislators and congressmen. If we stand together we can stop this madness.

EDITOR’S NOTE — 100 percent of all homeless people are not foster children, but a disproportionate number of homeless people were or are in the foster system. According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, 50 percent of America’s homeless population spent time in foster care.

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So what's your story Alicia? Why grind the ax here? CPS take your kids or grand kids?

Before kids are placed in long-term foster care, the "government" tries to place with a relative, even distant cousins, aunts,uncles,grandparents, and adult siblings. The child will in most cases will be placed with a relative if that individual doesn't have a criminal charge on their record and has a stable home to offer. So in this neck of the woods, the Morongo Basin, there are lots of folks that have spots on their records. Yes, a domestic abuse charge, or a DUI from years ago can keep a person from becoming a foster care provider. No. the system today is not perfect, or close to it. But I highly doubt you have a better solution. It is madness that workers in CPS carry case loads of eighty kids, when the state says 25-30 cases is the optimum amount to manage.


I guess Alicia Brooks is alleging those Turpin children taken by CPS will end up as homeless victims whereas maybe they would have been better off with their families. It is obvious to me that a personal conviction on behalf of the writer is involved in this allegation.


CPS didn't take the Turpin children, CPS saved the children from their crazy parents. Most likely the children will not go to their relatives, because the immediate relatives didn't have the gumption or finances to find out why the Turpin parents kept the kids hidden from family members for.years. Now the state will be paying millions of dollars to house, feed, and give the kids medical and pysch. treatment. And of course we will be paying to house the parents in a prison and mental facility for a number of years.


No. The CPS did not save the Turpin children. The 17 year old girl that escaped called 911 and started a investigation that led CPS to "take" custody of the children. That 17 year old girl should be credited for saving those children. Yes the state of California will be paying the price of providing support for the children and for incarcerating the parents.


Joe Joe, I thought CPS required their workers be telepathic. So any ideas what to do with the kids Joe? The sheriff deputies could have taken a few home, maybe drop a few off at a local fire station or a church. The private sector failed at this generations ago by the way..

So should CPS "take" custody of the damaged baby that's featured on the home page of this site? Or maybe a family member will step up to care for the child if it makes it off life support. How about you Joe. You could add diaper- changing a baby with a brain injury to your resume.

The system in place is far from perfect, but if you or the letter writer has a better plan, share it.


Sounds like someone is claiming to be "telepathic". I never denigrated nor suggested a better plan concerning the mission of the CPS. Obviously by stating CPS "taking" custody of the Turpin children was just too much to handle and had to be changed to "saved" in your view which was completely wrong in that case. Most abused and neglected children are referred to CPS by school officials, law enforcement, and medical professionals and yes even by fire stations and churches. Maybe if more time and thought is spent on what is being said instead of conjuring up things not stated less time could be spent on doing the dance especially those who are so concerned with my resume.


Be careful Joe before the claim "sad excuse for an American" is used simply for noting the false assertion. Possibly this could end with the classic "beat a dead horse" mantra to avoid any response and end the personal hatred displayed by that commenter.

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