Hello. I’m writing for help. Maybe there is someone out there that can help a family of four, two adults and two sons. My name is Elaine Curr. I’m writing this on the side of my bed. Right now I’m in Yucca Valley Nursing and Rehabilitation. Been here for a few weeks and before this I was in Desert Regional for a month. I have an IV in my arm. But yes, we are homeless right now. Been everywhere trying for help. We all did live in the Jeep at one time. One son left for TAY housing and is still there, waiting and hoping that we get a house somewhere. The other son is now working at Wal-Mart. He works hard and long hours. He is staying at a friend’s house until we get a home. Both boys had lost their Supplemental Security Income. I’m trying to regain it back.

My husband is still in the Jeep. No bathroom or shower, and food sometimes hard to get as well as gas. We’ve all been in the Jeep since this past Christmas. It’s been very hard. Staying in the Wal-Mart parking lot, to be safe you may be asleep with one eye open, one closed. It’s not sleep. It’s very hard. I don’t blame the boys for leaving the Jeep.

We are a family. A good family. We are good people, we just need a home. I get SSI. The problem is, rent goes up, up and up. SSI doesn’t. It stays the same and you’ve got to have lights, water and gas to go to work and food. Never mind cable.

We are here because of Hurricane Katrina. We were in Mississippi. We lost everything. Red Cross helped us out here. We have been in this house for eight years, paid rent each month, lights and water every month. We had to leave because our son lost his SSI and we could not make rent, only lights and water. No matter which I paid, I was wrong, because we still had to leave.

I’m trying to keep faith and have good thoughts. At times that doesn’t happen. I’m hoping that somewhere someone can help us. We are clean, good people. We are a family, yes homeless. This is our first time and it’s been very hard, day by day, hoping and waiting for an answer.

If you can help us, he is in the Wal-Mart parking lot each night and I am in the nursing home (room 208, bed B). I need to say thank you for reading this. And I hope somewhere there is help.


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Here's a link that might possibly help. Unfortunately to add to your troubles, this is the High Season for the park because the weather is much milder and so there's more visitors which mean less available housing. Try this.https://247headline.com/county-of-san-bernardino-addressing-homelessness-providing-resources-for-the-homeless/


Elaine there is a program the the Sheriff's Dept has called H.O.P.E. It's mentioned in the article I pasted into my previous post. Here's another piece of info. To contact HOPE please email us at a hope@sbcsd.org or call (909) 387-0623. Here's a Guide that may also help. To contact HOPE please email us at a hope@sbcsd.org or call (909) 387-0623 Guide is too big to download, so here's the web page that has the guide. http://wp.sbcounty.gov/sheriff/programs/h-o-p-e/ I hope something helps.


My grandmother was in that dumpy nursing home for all of a day before we got her moved to a good facility in Palm Desert. You'd probably get better care in the Walmart parking lot.


You didnt mention what your husband does.Does he just sit in the jeep all day ?

Is he disabled? Can he work ? Sounds a little suspicious. Four adults ,who either qualify for public assistance or can work can't manage to put enough coins together between them to get a place?


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