This is in response to the letter printed Nov. 29 from Ron Brault (“Sound warning bell about Democrats). We’ve had several Democratic presidents and people still have their guns.

There are lies and then there are damnable lies. Many believe this GOP/NRA lie that our president keeps spouting. Wake up, gun enthusiasts are being used as suckers. The NRA-backed GOP lies up front while picking our back pockets and then giving our money to their rich donors. Its all a scam. Many have been had.

I was a hunter and owned some guns, then one day I shot and killed something for sport that wanted to live. When I shot it, I heard it scream. Not much fun. Not long after that, I quit my guns. Killing is not my thing. Others can keep theirs if they want.

My concern for our country is how easily that gun enthusiasts fall for all of these lies. Remember “lock her up!”? I do.

We libs don’t want to take people’s guns, what we want is to make it a lot harder for some angry, deranged fool to go get an AR rifle and shoot up a school. Is this too much to ask? I feel that we libs are on the righteous side of this argument here and all the gun guys just make excuses … and more children die. Stop it! 

Wake up, GOP, there has been enough pain and anguish. Stop being so gullible.

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Hillary "lock her up" Clinton stated in 2016 that the Supreme Court’s 2008 ruling in District of Columbia vs Heller was “a terrible decision.” The Heller case which the Supreme Court overturned the District of Columbia’s total ban on handgun ownership along with the ban on keeping any type of firearm in operable condition and available for immediate self-defense inside the home was a absolute deprivation of the right to keep and bear arms that the second amendment guarantees. The Supreme Court determined that the second amendment is an individual right along with all the other individual rights listed in the Bill of Rights but Hillary thinks that it was a "terrible decision"! Thankfully for that "terrible decision" those citizens in DC and San Francisco got their "rights" back.


Always good to hear good advice from you, Steven - THANK YOU.


The writer of the letter takes a reasonable and moderate position. That is a big step from those who argue for unlimited access to mass killing tools or those proposing that all guns be banned. Nice letter.

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