I am writing to you, regarding the house on La Luna Avenue. In my neighborhood, between Montoya Road and Two Mile Road there is a house on Two Mile Road. Ever since the owner died in 2007, the house was left abandoned. It’s been a complete eyesore and fire hazard and it’s been broken into so many times. In fact in August it was broken into and they decided to go next door where the people were out of town and broke into their home.

Finally, this year in May, the neighborhood found out it had a red tag, meaning it was going up for auction for back taxes. We were thrilled, thinking it would be cleaned up. Sadly, that was a big joke!

… The neighborhood for the past year has been going back and forth with code enforcement officer Jim Thornburg to do something with this property. He told us he has given (the owner)a month to clean up the place. Which was Aug. 13 to Sept. 13. Nothing has been done. There is no evidence that (the owner) has ever been out to the property. If he does not want to deal with it, he should just sell it.

For about a month now, the families on Montoya Road and 2 Mile Road have been trying to get in touch with Mr. Thornburg with calls and emails. He has not returned any of our calls and emails. We are so fed up. He is not doing his job here. Could you tell us what can we do next? Do we go down to the City Hall, the mayor’s office?

We love our little neighborhood. We want to be clean and safe.

EDITOR’S NOTE — This letter was edited to remove some personal information.

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Find out who the owner is and file a law suit against him in court to see if a judge will order him/her to fix the property.


No worries. Squatters will burn it down sooner or later.

Branson Hunter

Does the city need a second code enforcement officer? In my opinion, the city needs more focus on communities and neighborhoods.

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