Two subjects.

One: It seems that all the pharmaceutical companies have developed a “magic pill” that can cure everything from balding to ingrown toenails and even more serious problems, but have you noticed all of the disclaimers at the end of their ads? It’s the old CYA thing — and those letters don’t stand for California Youth Authority.”

Two: I’m still in somewhat of a quandary how over $800 in green fees and a free trip to Europe are beneficial to all the people who worked so hard to put our local boy in office. The hogs are still at the trough.

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Umm...what now?


Who decimated the opinion poll? Now we only get four opinions an issue? Orders from the Pentagon?


Opinions (aka letter to the editor)? My seeing eye dog "Blind Spot" only counted three. No matter, it's called "progress". See also "ignorance is bliss". See also "No news is good news". See also "abandon ship!"

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