My morning started off fine until I saw the front page article entitled “Wonder Valley fire station will not reopen.” To put it very bluntly, what a crock! Ms. Martinez is apparently good at what she does — glazing over the bad stuff and playing up the supposedly good stuff.

What happened to the reason for our fire station’s “temporary” closure being because of a fireman’s rash? Not one word was spoken about “fixing” our well water problem, a problem that was non-existent up until now. The well water was not only used, but consumed by many residents for decades. That firefighter must have very sensitive skin.

The part about plans to lease the station to a nonprofit organization is strictly to make it all sound peachy-keen and helpful to our community. The fact that she didn’t even know the name of the organization speaks volumes.

And, let me get this right, she’s saying that we’re not paying enough to support the fire station right now? Well, she is absolutely correct. But let’s take a look at our next tax bill. We’ll then be paying five times more than we’re paying now.

My very favorite comment in the entire article is that the average response time has increased about 4 minutes. WHAT? I didn’t realize the firefighters were now pilots! Please explain to me how anyone can drive from the Twentynine Palms fire station to the Wonder Valley fire station in 4 minutes. Before anyone says that they can drive faster using lights and sirens, you need to know that the maximum speed for emergency vehicles is 15 miles per hour over the posted speed limit, which is 65 on Twentynine Palms Highway and 55 on Amboy Road.

I am beyond furious. I am sick.

EDITOR’S NOTE — To clarify, fire department spokeswoman Tracey Martinez said the response time for firefighters increased by four minutes, not that it was a total of four minutes.


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Ms. Myers is right. The powers that be love to increase taxes, and decrease service. Where the heck is the money going? Look deep and see if it goes in part to the DNC. Ex Supervisor Ramos had his hand in this misdirection of funds I would wager. I am so sick of paying more and getting less, at all levels of Government.

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