What you people call climate change are God’s judgments. The human family is suffering because of the transgressions of God’s laws. His 10 Commandments and his laws of health.

Study your Bible and read “Spirit of Prophecy,” the writings of Ellen G. White.

Believe in Jesus. Receive him as your Lord and Savior.

Vegetables, nuts, fruits, grains and pure water should comprise our diet. Not 1 ounce of flesh/meat should enter our stomachs. We are to return to God’s original purpose in the creation of man.

Don’t receive the mark of the beast which is accepting the false Sabbath (Sunday) over God’s Sabbath Day, the seventh day (Saturday).

God created the elements and he is working through the elements for us to realize our dependence on him.

“I am the way, the truth and the life,” says Jesus/God.

You don’t go right to heaven when you die. We all sleep until Jesus comes to us. Resurrect.

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Branson Hunter

Be that as it may, there is truth in the science. We are living our reality in a brutal war against nature and our biosphere is adapting in ways we don't understand. We're all living a fairytale of denial seated on deck chairs on the Titanic listening to chamber music.


Some things can't just be prayed away. Human kind is creating it's own destiny. That destiny appears to be extinction by his or her own will or volition (or lack thereof).

Mark Simmons

This has no business being in the editorial section of a newspaper. Faith, of which I have, ought to be private. Just another haughty example from a holier-than-thou person.


This should be a paid ad.


Of all people, who'd have thought Tiny Tim sang a ditty about this to young children in 1970. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XRHjjjMhjw


Hummm... so if your Jewish, Buddhist, Taoist or a host of other "ists" that's it for you, your done and over, so long, good to have known you? I don't think that sort of Deity is a Loving God.


This nut job is a false prophet.

I can prove it by using scriptures correctly , but for the sake of my message I will spare everyone ,unless requested.

Here is my message.

The writer of the letter is in danger of going to the same place they say every one else is going by publicly misrepresenting God.

I would say practice what you preach to the writer, but in this case I won't.

Because I would be guilty of spreading a false Gospel also.


Arguing about which day of the week you should rest is really smart when temperatures across the globe are rising. Why did the Hi-Desert Star publish this nonsense?

Alfred Whitehurst

I agree - OP is just religious (barely) nonsense. I've heard insane street people make better arguments than the original post does.

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