Impeachment of a president is reserved for “Treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” Any time we impeach a president, even for valid reasons, we put the nation in peril.

If impeachment is used as a partisan tool to punish or oust an unpopular president, it sets a precedent for the opposing party to retaliate in kind when it comes to power. Let’s not go down that road. A few Democrats are talking of impeaching Donald Trump should they gain the house this autumn. I urge that they abandon all such talk.

Let me offer a safer alternative. If you feel the president is leading us in the wrong direction, or threatening our republic, then first, vote an opposition majority into the Congress this November to contain his power. Then in 2020, simply vote him out of office. Our votes are our greatest protection from tyranny.

Our republic is a rare and precious jewel. She’s vulnerable and must be protected. Let’s follow the example of a true patriot, whom we’ve just lost, and resolve to put this divisive bitterness aside and work together to strengthen our country. Truly, “A house divided cannot stand.”

I’m definitely a partisan concerning the current administration. But, in the matter of impeachment, I’m looking at this from a distance as a non-partisan citizen concerned for the welfare of his republic. Again, be careful what you wish for. Impeach this president and the delicate fabric of democracy could begin to unravel.

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I wholeheartedly agree with the author that impeachment of the president should not be the priority the opposition party. The British refer to those on the other side as "the loyal opposition." I think that the author has that in mind and although there is nothing about Donald Trump's persona that I like, I agree that unless he is found guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors move on the the problems that we all face as Americans. Remember, in spite of all the arguments about the election results that put him in office he still won even if I find him extremely offensive and divisive.


Watch as Palosi and Mad Max Waters come after President Trump like a Salem Which Hunt.

bill jenkins

the only time to impeach is when you have an absolutely iron clad case, re: nixon.
if the outcome is inevitable the mere threat of impeachment is sufficient. as for the
disruption, it takes about 5 minutes to sware in the v.p. a lot of damage can be done
ia 2 years. after all there is a reason impeachment proceedings are in the constitution.


Bill, you are right, but that won't stop the dims from championing the cause to oust Pres. Trump. With Mad Max having the Chair of the House Financial Over Site committee, she has garnered powers of subpoena, and will go after Pres. Trumps past records, how far back I don't know, but I am certain she will be on a witch hunt with her new found power. To Nancy and Max, remember this quote; "He who is without sin, cast the first stone".

bill jenkins

palosis has to aprove an impeachment move and she is way too clever to risk what
happened to the rs when they went after clinton. no if muller does not produce a
100% case she won't do it.


“Treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Campaign finance violations, coordinating with foreign adversaries to win presidential election, lying to the American people, paying off porn actors to remain silent, receiving emoluments from shady people (domestic and foreign), inspiring the MAGA bomber, obstructing justice, and using tax dollars to feed the Trump Organization.

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