There is an attractive scam going around that I almost fell for. Publisher’s Clearing House called to say I was selected to win $4.5 million — was I opposed to being on camera? I was instructed to call David Parker for instructions. He asked my age and said my voice made me sound so young. He told me to keep this secret and to go to a branch of my bank where I was not well known to open an account. He would talk to the IRS for me. He told me to send a certified check to Dorothy Northington in Indianapolis, Indiana. He had to go to a very, very important meeting about ME! In that meeting were people who owned jets and yachts and I was soon to be one of them.

I went to Publisher’s Clearing House website. First page is about scams. It says if anyone wants to give you a gift, but you have to send money first, it’s a scam. When David Parker called me the next time I told him it was a scam and not to call me any more. I called the police to make a report. Nothing has happened yet with the police.

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No kidding, that's a scam ? Now that's what I call being late to the party! LOL

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