The “Trump-haters” were out-in-force in the May 6 edition of this paper.

While I respect their right to express their opinions, I would like to take this opportunity to express my “thanks and appreciation” to those who took the time to “help their neighbors” during this crisis.

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Hate is such a strong word.

I prefer " intensely dislike". I don't wish tRump ill. I just wish he would crawl back under his rock and quietly stay there so the country can move forward the best it can towards a brighter future.

There are plenty of us that help thy neighbor(s) in their time of need the best we can.

Branson Hunter

Trump has changed America. He alone is responsible for Tribal Warfare amongst ourselves. That is not a surprise. It's human nature. And it's human nature to repeat history. The parallels between Germany in the past Century and the way we're acting now -- under the clearly incompetent and confabulated mind of a Machiavellian psychopath -- is chilling.


“Trump has changed America” Yes he has, and for the better too, Branson.

“He alone is responsible for Tribal Warfare amongst ourselves” I don’t think so, Branson. Many of us feel that's all your doing.

“That is not a surprise. It's human nature.” Speak for yourself. Hate is your choice, Branson.

“And it's human nature to repeat history” Sure, especially the part that was so gloriously successful.

“The parallels between Germany in the past Century and the way we're acting now -- under the clearly incompetent and confabulated mind of a Machiavellian psychopath -- is chilling” Take the red pill Branson, the truth will set you free!


"We" are not haters of the president. We just do not want liars; immature individuals; mysaginists; racists; narcissists; self serving; delusional; self inflated mental capacity people running our country!


Thats right ! Clinton or Biden would have been better !!

Oh wait .... they fit the same description. ROTFL


At least Trump doesn't hide it.


I also do not want liars; immature individuals; misogynists; racists; narcissists; self serving; delusional; and self inflated mentally incapacitated people running our country............

I will pull the lever at the ballot box for Donald J Trump any time over Joe Biden........

Branson Hunter

Cookie there is never any doubt about that.

desert heights home owner

Currently South America is the Epi-/Center for the virus. Trump is keeping the USA safe with the wall. What laws are in forced South of the Board? Trump is a good business man, we need him for 4 more years!


Mr default, bankruptcy and screw vendors/employees tRump's un-scaleable billion dollar wall?

The one that 2 men scaled and mounted with a rope ladder? Yes it's THE wall on video and third guy filmed it. Speak Spanish?

Most Covid19 cases arrive with folks going through assorted check points, not by sneaking miles upon miles away from civilization.

I'd worry about your maskless visitors from Los Angeles far more

Would you like ice (frozen water in cube form) with your orange Kool-aid?

T Twelvetrees

Nikita Khrushchev thought that erecting a wall would keep the Western fascists out of East Berlin. It stood for about 30 years, until keeping the captives locked up behind barb wire. I doubt it has occurred to a lot of Trump supporters that after Trump refuses to leave office after he has finished his tour, that his 80 million followers will be in a civil war, fighting in the streets. Hopefully the military won't allow him to order them to start killing people off. When Saddam Hussein became president of Iraq in 79 , he just marched the folks in the Council of Representatives that disagreed with his power out into the parking lot and had them shot! Kim Jong Un is getting ready to give us another Christmas Gift...Probably an airburst nuke out in the middle of the ocean. Probably has a submarine sitting off of DC right now, along with the Soviets and Chinese. Trump is playing a very dangerous game. Wait till one of his kids gets popped, kidnapped or pulls a Patty Hearst. Lord Trump would get us all killed. The man is simply a moron. The fools around just keep kissing his ring.You just can't fix stupid...


Obviously, the biggest "political scandal" ever recorded in US history regarding the peaceful "transfer of power" between "administrations" has been conveniently left out. It is just one example of the many "Trump detractors" goals that we witness time after time. "Liberals" always rely on "speculation" and "propaganda" while ignoring the obvious "truth". The "Obama" administration and associated "morons" got caught red-handed "playing a very dangerous game" by the various attempts to "smear" and "remove" a duly elected president. That "dangerous game" is the "modus operandi" of how "dictators" play the game. Hopefully, those that got "caught" playing that "dangerous game" will face "justice" and face the "wrath" of those who respect "the rule of law".

T Twelvetrees

When I voted for Nixon, I did so knowing his history. With Kissinger handling the world diplomacy...What Nixon did not do was try and squash the little guy, like me. What is there to say about Obama that is news...Nada...Trump and the whole stupid birther movement and Rush Loudmouth stirring the pot like Jerry Falwell used to do started all of this stuff.way back...Just a racial, bigoted hate monger. Mr. Dystopia himself The Donald. Where is Barbara Wawa when you need her. Trump has zero chance of convincing me to vote for him again. The guy is just a spoiled brat, run out of his own home to attend a military academy, where he learned how to roll up a c note and pack in the blow..Studio 54 anyone!..What does his bought and paid for foreign born wife think of him now? Divorce would be my guess. It's tragic to think that Trump can't seem to find a nice American woman. Then there are his weirdo kids..Trump tells lies left and right. Pathological liar is about all there is to him. Since I am retired for many years, all I have on my hands now is reading the regurgitated fake wealthy republican judicial watch stuff that seems to flood my mailbox at home. Please send us $5,000 so we can help get Donald re elected. Sorry. That won't happen,. not even a double sawbuck. if you know what that is without looking it up online. Move all of our military to the borders...Lots and lots of military, as I proposed to the congress in 1973 and I would vote for Trumpet nose....Hold on Trumperinie' are gonna cry in your soup when he declares bankruptcy again and has Barr and his other boys ruin the rule of law...I think that is probably the plan. Repuklicans need to borrow money to be syuccessful, rather than do it the hard way. Coming from a Republican FBI family, Trump needs a little time in a cage...Twitter finally realized it was time to stick a pin in the fool.Bye Trump...


Oops! Must have struck a nerve somewhere. I did notice the total absence of the Russian collusion delusion that the liberal media ran with for the last three years. It must be a very sensitive subject matter and I can understand.


There he goes again. TTJ is off to the conspiracy and enabler races. I would suggest for all of us to no longer address anything TTJ posts on this forum.

I for one will no longer address him in any manner but instead address and discuss the points brought up by other insightful individuals.


The "Russian Collusion Delusion" was a "conspiracy" perpetrated by high government officials in the "Obama" administration. That "fact" and specific "point" is irrelevant in the minds of "Trump distractors" and definitely needs to be "quashed" and totally "ignored". As I stated before it is a "very sensitive subject and I can understand". All "Trump distractors" prefer to sweep that whole "government corruption" issue under the carpet and "suggest" "insightful individuals" to ignore it. As this letter states the “Trump-haters” are "out-in-force". It is obvious that any call to ignore any "comment" made by certain people in a public forum as "non-discussable" and to be "ignored" is absurd and very indicative of the typical "Trump haters".

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