Several months ago, my pharmacy changed my medication (Clopidogerel) to a similar generic. Unfortunately, I am violently allergic to the new generic and have come out in huge red rashes and black and blue nodules. It made me vomit and gag until I was forced to change medications.

Worse, it has blossomed into anorexia. I haven’t eaten in five days and have lost 40 pounds. If this keeps up, I should be dead by the end of the year.

I can’t find an attorney to take this case, and medical professionals don’t seem to be taking this seriously.

I need help and I need it fast.

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Branson Hunter

Immediately check into emergency. Call 911. Seek help.


Why are you even posting this for the general public to read? Do you expect or think the readers of this forum can do anything to assist you? Wow!

Mark Simmons

Never ceases to amaze me that this newspaper allows personal information to be published in the Letters to Editor. Maybe find a new pharmacy or talk to your physician. Completely agree with Spearman.

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