Last week I submitted an editorial from the Irish Times that was a scathing article about Donald Trump and his corrupt takeover of the Republican party as well as the destruction of the executive branch of government. His total disregard for the rule of law and his roughshod foreign relations has caused the majority of the worlds countries to now feel pity for the United States rather than treating it as the once “world leader.” It was a long read and owned by the Irish Times. Understandably, the Hi Desert Star declined to print it. Stacy Moore suggested I submit my interpretation.

Let me say at the outset that I am an 82-year-old retired firefighter. I have always been of a liberal mindset and believed in the rule of law. No one has greater love of country and belief in the common good than I do.

Demographics confirm that I, and my age group, are older than 98 percent of you. We older folks have seen and experienced so much that is worthy of telling. It would appear that the younger set don’t care. Stay with me. I remember World War II, and how every man, woman and child participated in one way or the other. Men off to war, women to work in the defense plants, children tending victory gardens or saving aluminum gum wrappers for the war effort; living with curfews, rationing gasoline, sugar, nylons, etc. War got over. Dancing in the streets. Troops coming home. We were at PEACE! The economy expanded.

Then along came polio and restrictions such as quarantined schools and swimming pools closed. It was several years before a cure was found.

The Korean War came along, proving nothing except casualties. Eventually it evolved into conflict in Vietnam that also proved nothing except more casualties. No matter what, we as a unified country always recovered and maintained our reputation as a world leader.

Now I am not so sure, as it was certainly confirmed in the Irish report. Those of you who do not solely get their news from Fox News and/or Facebook, are already aware of how the rest of the world looks at the predicament we are in. All the superlatives, metaphors, outright lies and moral depravity of President Trump aside, he is obviously so inept that he should have been removed from office long ago. He has turned this pandemic into a political issue by not taking any action at the start and continues to lead by misleading those ignorant people who appear to be oblivious to his antics.

The Republican party and those who voted Trump into office are to blame. Wake up folks. Your country and your life depends on it. Thank you.

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You "older " folks, as you stated ,didn't do much better than us according to the very negative yarn you just spun.

So whats your point

T Twelvetrees

Don't vote for Trump again seems to be his point Josh.


I didn't vote for him the first time.


I did. Had no other choice. How could you not?


I don't waste my time voting. Our vote doesn't matter. Its a fairytale for adults.

I don't believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny either .

The old saying that gets tossed around goes , " If you don't vote you have no right to complain ".

I say if you don't vote you have every right to complain.


I'm on the side of the free thinker .

Thats the glory of living in the USA. FREEDOM , not Freedum like some Jack wagon says around here.

I don't have to vote if I don't want too. And I don't want to .

That's my choice.


Per Josh “Our vote doesn't matter” and “…if you don't vote you have every right to complain.”

LOL – that there’s funny - but it occurs to me that if just Josh, my daughter and about one more “free thinker” had bothered to vote when Yucca incorporated, there wouldn’t be a Town Council that EVERYONE now has the right to complain about.

So thank you kindly!

Yeah, let’s hear it for all the freaking free thinkers. After all, where would this Country be without our negligence?


Very good interpretation.

Sad to say that our allies in the world either pity our citizens or dislike our country now. China now thinks that we are an expendable trading partner now that their tentacles are reaching out in other parts of the world with the "Belt Road Initiative". Evidently isolation-ism will be the new narrative for the USA for good or ill.

Without learning from our past mistakes in history, we are doomed to repeat them.


"China now thinks that we are an expendable trading partner..."



PS: The spineless GOP allowed tRump far too much leash. When their political party goes extinct they'll only have their greedy morally bankrupt selves to blame.


You're half right.

The spineless American Voters allow ALL politicians , DEMA-CROOKS & REPUBLIC-CONS far too much leash. When both political party goes extinct, America WILL stay great , as it always has been, long before puffed cheeto boy (tRUMP) suggested it wasn't great anymore.

Branson Hunter

Thanks for all your years of service in the fire department., James.



devil's advocate

I too grew up during the polio scare. As a kid I remember being very frightened of those "iron lungs". My parents avoided crowds. i wasn't allowed to go to the beach. It was a scary summer of staying at home. Then came the vaccine -- a shot for me, a sugar cube for my kids. I am grateful for science. Moving to California I made a friend who survived polio but lost the use of one arm. None of this should be about politics. It is about people. You. Me. Our families, neighbors, friends. Be well. Be safe. Help one another.


My father who will celebrate his 90th birthday this Sunday remembers a friend that was afflicted by Polio. The young woman spent many a year in an "iron lung".

My very active parents are sheltering in place and are actually checking in with me daily which is the new normal from the previous "gone missing whilst having too much fun". Thankfully they live in the middle of nowhere in East Texas. I have contingency plan in place should they require any type of help or care

I also have a daily check-in from my business and malfeasance partner from the epicenter of the epicenter in Brooklyn, NY who turned 79 earlier this month. A Korean war vet (served IN Korea-tank regiment) who along with his daughter are sheltered in place and are being super careful about ALL the required protocols to keep safe, including daily dog walks with a nice view of The Statue of Liberty, social distancing, gloves, masks, sanitizer, hand washing... and no contact or hugging since they live separately in different buildings. I don't desire for them to have to reserve a space in the reefer trailers serving as temporary morgues lined up at loading docks.


Another Orange tRump Kool-aid article:


...the red pill Blayd - take the red one... quick... before it's too late...


Too many "red pills" to choose from.

The most popular recent ones seem to have some severe side effects. I read the tRump red pill bottle warning label, and golly gee whiz the deleterious side effects filled endless pages on the little pamphlet glued to it.

However as it relates to the film "MATRIX", I've lived in the reality zone for a very long time.

My retirement isn't too far off...I will then hopefully enjoy an alternate reality wilst I explore some the good things that I have deferred in life, since I was told that you "can't take it with you".


Yup, life is short. I retired 25 years ago and there's still plenty of things I want to do. Hope I can holdout till I'm done.

I really do think you'd benefit from the red pill though!


So, my advice?

Take the red one and quit your stupid job asap!

At least that's what I'd do if I were you.


The new revised plan will be to collect early retirement and start enjoying life more. I am semi-retired now. I pick and choose for the most part clients and projects that I desire to do. Not to say that it's always a picnic.

The only good thing about tRump being elected is that I built up reserves, discharged liabilities early and positioned myself for the worst which happened in a most unexpected expected way. So as long as the world doesn't literally go "the nuclear option" I will be OK.

Happy trails soon await.


Former tRump supporter Anne Colter posted this on Twitterz, along with some other blunt items in response to dumb donald picking on poah little Jeff Sessions:

"GREAT WORK IN THE LAST ALABAMA SENATE RACE, MR. PRESIDENT! Keep it up and we'll have zero Republican senators. The next Republican president will be elected in the year 4820".

There were plenty of other spot on posts from her also.

I'm not on Twitterz or farcebook so have fun finding them all.

Branson Hunter

Sherman's Family Deli Restaurant is open today for the first time. I contacted an old Marine Corps buddy and we drove down because they're famous carrot cake is ready for sale. People were wearing masks. We sat outside at the far Corner of the patio -- away from everybody & it seems safe. I realize how good it was not to be cooped up and to get out take in the beautiful scenery driving to Palm Springs. The very happy and friendly food server had not worked in a very long time. She was so happy and friendly. Got in a tiff with my buddy. I paid the bill, he paid the tip. He's a little short with a $5 tip. I wanted him to throw in more. Okay this is her first day of work. My guess is after work she would take her Tips and go to the grocery store. He's a tightwad... I threw in more money because the bill was $38.97. My point is let's all support our waitresses and food servers. They've have had a rough time. Don't be a cheapskate, like my buddy, help them. Be generous. If you can afford to eat out you can tip 20%. And if you can't afford it that's okay too. BTW, outside of the federal government, the food Service industry is the largest employer in the US.


5 dollars ?

I leave no less than 20 for servers .

You spent more in gas . I noticed you mentioned the amount of his Tip but but yours was just " more money ".

I don't think it was more than 2 bucks , if you actually did throw in " more money".[ninja][ninja][thumbdown]

Branson Hunter

Interesting response Josh. I don't go out much... not a wealthy man. However the few times I do go out to eat, when the server is respectful I often leave a generous gratuity. It helps to put groceries in the refrigerator and maybe help feed somebody's family who desperately needs it. Hey, this just in concerning Tweety Bird. "Trump spent the long holiday weekend bemoaning everything but the tragic roll call of death -- while also finding time to claim he got "great reviews" for handling the crisis. CNN.

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