And we thought our toddler-tempered, toilet-time-tweeting, truth- trashing Trump couldn’t “sink” any lower. Behold! We now witness real collusion: asking a foreign leader to “dig up dirt” on political rival Joe Biden.

More proof (yet again) that Trump truly believes he is above the law and can do absolutely anything he pleases.

Predictably, most members of the increasingly putrid GOP (Grand Obstructionist Party) are in such rigid lockstep with Trump that it should be named the Trumpkiss Party.

With impeachment now a possibility, maybe the GOP will go the way of the Whig Party, or the strikingly similar Know Nothing Party.

Won’t be missed for an instant. Not by anyone with a semblance of functioning gray matter.

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Branson Hunter

A trump voter from Pennsylvania this morning sums it up this way: "I think he crossed the line this time but that's the way he is".


All his life, this president has been the consummate con artist. Con artists are ultimately successful only with a following of the ignorantly gullible and co-conspirators. It is truly amazing that the party that once exuded values now embraces recklessness and disregard for honor.


While I have always remained an independent (now called unenrolled) and voted for THE BEST person for the position being filled, Decades ago I frequently voted for moderate Republicans for many sound reasons. What the Republican party represents these days disgusts me. I don't care much for some of the Democrats either with some the borderline Communistic/socialist agendas. Hard work should be rewarded, yet there should be investment in our country too, be it infrastructure or investment in technologies that private industry can't do alone. A helping hand to those that need it the most is fine, but the criteria for help needs to be addressed in a sane way thats fair to all. A moderate Democrat these days would get my vote, someone who represents the middle ground and the hard working middle class, as well as future generations.

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