As my mind spun wildly on the night before the anniversary of D-Day, when I “shoulda” been sleepin’, my thoughts traveled first to recollections of all the wonderful veterans, Elks and those I’ve met through Elks Veteran’s Services, ENF Grants, etc. On June 6, I shared with the educated world the 75th anniversary of D-Day. From teaching history, and as any good American “oughtta” know, D-Day was the largest amphibian assault to reclaim Europe for the free world.

My mind began twisting when I thought about the word “anniversary.” Is this day one we commemorate, celebrate, memorialize or just remember? What about D-Day do we then remember, etc.? My first cinematic introduction to D-Day was “The Longest Day.” All the great movie stars were in the movie, and at the time, it was the longest movie I knew. The scene with the helpless airman whose parachute got caught on the church spire still sticks in my mind. I know you remember the scene. He drops his knife. He survived the ordeal and became an honorary citizen of the town.

Next, we’ve all seen the horrific scenes of the landing at Omaha Beach as seen in “Saving Private Ryan.” I remember watching veterans tearfully leaving the movie theater as their memories resurfaced, beyond their ability to handle (at least not in their first viewing of the film). Realism, sometimes, frankly sucks!

My thoughts tumbled from scene to scene, one movie to the next, one brave man to the next. What do we remember? What do we celebrate? With tears in my eyes now, I finish with my thanks to all our living D-Day heroes, as you all are, or “oughtta be.” You got your ticker-tape parade when you came home and I saw you each year as a Brownie, Girl Scout or school band member as we marched past you in the Memorial Day parade. Now, I visit you, often forgotten and alone, stuck in so many senior care facilities unrecognized and uncherished by the overworked staff that doesn’t even seem to care.

I thank God for the Elks and all the charitable organizations that at least pledge to be there for all our veterans and active-duty families. We can never thank you enough for what you did then, and all you did upon returning home to try to go on living and making America truly the “Land of the Free and the Home of Brave.”

The word “thanks” falls woefully short of all you deserve, and my tears don’t make a difference either. Yet, I have neither the vocabulary nor the ability to say or do more. Simply know you are not forgotten!

God bless you, your undaunted courage so many years ago, and what I hope is your timeless pride in being part of saving us all … for saving the whole free world. Thank you!


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don mckinney

Some one , many really get their history from hollywood . To the victors go the spoils of war . The most valuable is the propaganda . He who controls the past controls the future . Russia won that war and nobody in the UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY wants to acknowledge that fact , China lost 20 million , Russia lost 25 million . Where is their due respect ? It was not covered in the hollywood movies . Try real historical facts from hellstorm documentary . com / watch / and look up david Irving books and dvds . See the jesuit oath on the congressional record and realize the jewish boycott and the transfer agreement were hitlers vatican solution with american wall street and henry ford and a t and t sponsors with Rothschilds and England's balfour declaration nov.2,1917 and the jewish bolshevik revolution that murdered 66 to 100 million Russian and Ukrainian Christians . The jewish boycott on Germany had started that war . Germany worked out the transfer agreement to end the boycott with the transfer agreement . Churchill turned down Hitler's offer of peace / truce in 1940 . Churchill , a drunk bankrupted england with that foolish war with no end in sight even today continuing due to the " transfer agreement and the boycott on germany because they made the best products . Why do you see so many mercedes benz vehicles in Israel ? Why do we fight their wars today when we borrow money from jewish federal reserve at interest to give to a flourishing Israel 8.6 billion dollars a year when 3,000 american cities have worse lead levels in their drinking water than Flint , Michigan ? MOST Americans do not have 400 dollars for an emergency, scarcity by design so you will be so busy earning a living , you have no time to research who is doing this to us and where is it leading ?

don mckinney

Eisenhower's concentration camp after ww2 was worse and killed more germans as prisoners of war . German women were raped and starved while the men were kept in wire fences in open snow with one third enough food to stay alive . millions starved . Worse than the German prisoner of war camps . Now the U.S. runs a concentration camp and shoots the 170 plus protesters with hollow point bullets on embassy day

don mckinney

No mention of the Navy sailors murdered in the attack on the U.S.S, Liberty on june 8 . How come we are made to forget that event ? Revisionist history from hollywood runs the lives of the citizens of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY through their network of mass media . War glorification is evil . A historical record is one thing but what we have here is a hysterical criminal record . All wars are banksta s wars . They finance both sides of all wars . problem , reaction , solution . Works every time on those who ignore the facts and rely on the most blatant propaganda machine for his story . Always villifying Arabs for 60 years and encroaching on their oil fields for the global corporations that profit . 84 per cent of stocks are owned by 10 per cent of the people at most . They profit , not the citizens who pay the price .

don mckinney

The freedoms the veterans fought for are now gone . Your cheering and otherwise silence is your consent to the endless illegal wars of aggression we have today and censorship for a foreign state . not the American myth the soldiers fought for .There legacy is smeared by the lack of will and actions of the citizens of this UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY . Bankstas finance both sides of all wars for profit .

don mckinney

The balfour declaration and the transfer agreement and boycott of german products caused that war with the help of Chuchill's drunk ego . He bankrupted the U.K.

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