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Put down the poisoned pen

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Posted: Tuesday, January 15, 2013 6:28 pm

How disappointing that our local politics has become so nasty!

It used to be that we could all agree to disagree if we had a difference of opinion and remain civil to each other.

Some of the opponents to Measure U resorted to name calling, conspiracy theories and calls for grand jury investigations. How petty! This childish pettiness has carried over to the upcoming election for Town Council.

Jennifer Collins has been personally vilified by certain blogs with name calling, out right lies and attacks on her family and marriage. Her only sin, as far as I can see, is that she supported Measure U.

She supported Measure U because it was the only option presented that would pay for the sewer system that we desperately need as well as other vital services needed in our community. Good for Jennifer!

She cared enough about the future of this community to step out and do something rather than sit back and write poison pen articles.

I have known Jennifer for several years and am impressed with her professionalism, integrity, energy, sense of humor and her desire to serve this community.

Jennifer’s motive in running for Town Council is to be involved in making this town a thriving, economically viable community now and in the future. She wants to be a part of positive solutions to ensure that this town does not die.

In my opinion, she will make a fantastic council member. I would encourage everyone to keep this election about the issues rather than childish name calling. Let’s respect each other’s right to have a different opinion from our own and stop the childish name calling and character assassination! Let’s treat each other with respect and vote for the candidate you feel will work the hardest for this town.

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  • Dave Peach posted at 7:04 am on Mon, Jan 21, 2013.

    Dave Peach Posts: 2998

    "Political correctness" is generally regarded as a political necessity, in addition to providing evidence of public civility and personal responsibility.

    "Demonic forces" have no entitlement to any place or grace in public institutions.

    "Cockroaches" are similarly telling of the presence of publicly unhealthful bacteria and filthy local conditions.

    Belonging to an overly influential cult can cause members/candidates to feel immune. But as the local cult has been adequately identified and advertised as such, political and/or legal remedies, rather than undue clerical intrusions and unjust desserts, are increasingly likely.

  • worksmart posted at 9:29 am on Sun, Jan 20, 2013.

    worksmart Posts: 75

    Name calling is something that is impossible to stop. Falls under the first amendment. Respect and civility are not guarantied.

  • mokk1 posted at 9:17 am on Fri, Jan 18, 2013.

    mokk1 Posts: 290

    The hypocrisy of the poison pen. To condemn me for having my voice heard through my no vote on measure U is despicable behavior for a candidate for town council.

  • tomloret posted at 8:39 pm on Thu, Jan 17, 2013.

    tomloret Posts: 411

    Nonsense! If all of you weren’t such anti-cockroachists, you’d have enough understanding to take the time to thank Jennifer. You see, “...A few species (of cockroaches) are known to be parthenogenetic, reproducing without the need for males...” [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cockroach]

    Now, who else in this world can you think of that is born through such miracles?
    So, you see...it’s simply how they express their love and appreciation for others, by imbuing them with characteristics of their deity.
    That's why, A Vote for Jennifer, Is A Vote For Miracles!

  • Branson Hunter posted at 4:11 pm on Thu, Jan 17, 2013.

    Branson Hunter Posts: 1123

    Jennifer Collins must not be very happy about the Sec. of State placing her name at t he bottom on the Ballot for the special March 5 election. Applied KARMA in progress.

  • damndawgers posted at 3:37 pm on Thu, Jan 17, 2013.

    damndawgers Posts: 529

    Jennifer, this is God calling, pick up the phone!
    When did I step down and give you the throne?
    Uhhh, just maybe this is your wake-up call, now sit down and let me do my job!
    I bless you.
    (This is only in fun.)
    damndawgers [beam]

  • RD posted at 7:34 pm on Wed, Jan 16, 2013.

    RD Posts: 443

    It would be great to have a political atmosphere here in Yucca Valley that was devoid of nasty name calling and such but when you have dishonest, arrogant, self-serving people involved in the politics of the town you're bound to have some not-so-pleasant comments tossed around. This is likely to happen ESPECIALLY when the only way to get the attention of local politicians is to point out how dishonest, arrogant and self-serving they are.

    Following the Measure U issue took me to Jennifer Collins' facebook page where she publicly posted about the activities of those who joined her in support of the measure. Jennifer also used her very public facebook page to host ongoing conversations about those who opposed Measure U. Those conversations never had anything nice to say about those who opposed Measure U ... the theme, in fact, was most often how God would see to it that they were defeated ... and those who opposed the measure and spoke publicly about it were deemed to be an evil that were persecuting Jennifer. An evil that Jennifer and her rabidly religious facebook friends were constantly posting comments about to convince each other that God would take care of... it ... the ...ummm .... "evil."

    Posting a photo of a witch and then laughing along with facebook friends who mock a woman who dares to get involved in local politics ... who go so far as to say they'll provide the matches to burn this witch at the stake ... there's nothing professional or positive about that. Posting comments about being on the side of God and hosting comments on your facebook page about the "evil" people that God will help you take down in defeat ... well ... that's not so professional and positive, either.

    I'm impressed by Jennifer's enthusiam and desire to work towards making Yucca Valley a better place to live. I'm waiting to see, however, if Jennifer cares about ALL the people of Yucca Valley ... and if she has any enthusiam for working for those who are not part of her church family ... and for those who don't live in the "better" neighborhoods of Yucca Valley.

    (Still waiting for Jennifer to apologize for claiming to be persecuted by the same folks she mocked and encouraged others to mock and spread a very unchristian sort of hatred for.)

  • Branson Hunter posted at 5:52 pm on Wed, Jan 16, 2013.

    Branson Hunter Posts: 1123

    How can Jennifer Collings be a viable town councilwoman when she calls those whom chose to participate in local issues "cockroaches"? How can anyone argue Ms. Collins has not played the nasty game of character assassination!

  • Commissioner Gordon posted at 12:29 pm on Wed, Jan 16, 2013.

    Commissioner Gordon Posts: 408

    Well Eddie M, what is frustrating is when you want to be taken serious but you start your argument with misinformation, so how can you be trusted. Yes its about Jennifer and the other candidates and their capabilities but you make the conversation about you when your argument is full of lies or rumors and you keep bringing up others at the Town so you are not staying on subject. That's all I am saying. Fortunately In the USA we are lucky to be able to speak freely and debate, I love good debate if its only about differing opinions but you cant debate with lies. I hope you research your subject better and attempt to get factual information instead of repeating things that you have heard with no factual basis. Maybe talk to the people that you are accusing before you accuse them? By the way, we should have taken that photo together when we had the chance during the street rally's.

  • EDJM posted at 8:31 am on Wed, Jan 16, 2013.

    EDJM Posts: 434

    Jeff Drozd, planning commission aka Commissioner Gordon. What you have to say is coming from the Yucca Valley town manager and the rest of the sky Harbor phony baloney town officials . Right along with Jennifer Collins that calls people "cockroaches". You're just another typical town official acting like little crybabies because you didn't get what you wanted, and that was to rip off the taxpayers, to try to increase a 1% sales tax. Like I said before Jennifer Collins in my opinion is not good for this town whatsoever she's a big spender with money as she wasted $37,000 with the campaign yes on measure U. she's trying to convince everybody how
    nice and sweet she is and then turns around and calls 3500 people that voted No on measure U "cockroaches". What kind of person is this to put on the town Council, I think the voters of this community will see through her phony balon.

    Jeff Drozd once again you're talking about me, let's stick to the issue and that is Jennifer Collins I'm not running for anything and I don't represent anybody except am a taxpayer that cares about this community and I'm not going to allow town officials like yourself and other people that represent the town Yucca Valley to run a mock with our tax dollars. But once again you have a hard time focusing on what the issues are. Attacking an individual person like myself just shows once again how ignorant you are. That's why the people of this community are going to take back our town from the sky Harbor barge and sky Harbor want to be.

  • Commissioner Gordon posted at 10:06 pm on Tue, Jan 15, 2013.

    Commissioner Gordon Posts: 408

    Now Eddie M you know that a comment that was made ONCE does not define the person and you are also spinning her comment. I heard you lie over and over that you had a March 2013 initiative to replace Measure U.. I heard it over and over and over and over and over and over and over on your megaphone at 62 & 247.... The great thing about Jennifer is that her experience is in THIS century....ha ha... the century thing is a joke Eddie M so calm down......

  • EDJM posted at 8:40 pm on Tue, Jan 15, 2013.

    EDJM Posts: 434

    I'm sorry to disagree with you about Jennifer Collins. She's the one that started calling people "cockroaches" along with her husband. She's the one that were calling people names and using a poison pen along with her husband. She does not have the knowledge or experience to be on the twon Council.

    I personally feel I have seen Jennifer Collins and know how she conducts herself and after seeing her I strongly feel that she will not be good for this town or to be on the town Council Council whatsoever. In my personal opinion she has not been honest, with the people on the Chamber of Commerce and the business community. Like Jennifer Collins tells people i well pretty for you. All I can say is I will pray that she does not get elected. We have enough people from sky Harbor that are on the town Council right now we don't need any more people from sky Harbor. All the counsel people lived within a few blocks of each other. She is so liberal when it comes to spending money and that's the proof is what she did during the campaign on measure U. it has nothing to do whether she was for or against measure U it has to do with the way she spent the money, that's why I strongly believe that the town of Yucca Valley cannot afford to have Jennifer Collins on the town Council because the only thing she will do in my opinion is to run amok with our tax dollars and that's already been done by the town Council and all the money they wasted over $200,000 in trying to pass measure U.

    Right now we need somebody with lots of experience to be on the town Council and Jennifer Collins does not have that experience. Yes she's friends with everybody on the town Council and a close friend of the town manager, but what we need is somebody that can bring the will of the people together with the town Council and Jennifer Collins is not that person. In my opinion the only thing that Jennifer Collins represents is more special interest and not the will of the people.


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