I am asking all residents of San Bernardino County to say “no” on your (Fire Protection zone FP-5) protest form that all homeowners should have received in the mail as a public notice. SBC Fire Chief Mark Hartwig promised (the protest forms) would be mailed out to all homeowners in the county. The problem is the protest form that you need to send back if you disagree with the tax was not mailed with the public notice.

Now keep in mind, they pay a bulk postage fee, so why did they leave out the protest form?

Chief Hartwig was not truthful and did not tell all the county residents at all of these meetings throughout the county that the protest form would not be included in the packet. Can you really trust what he said about the proposed expansion of Fire Protection Zone 5?

This fire tax is a sham and you should call Supervisor James Ramos at (909) 387-4855 or email to supervisorramos@sbcounty.gov to express your concern. If you have Internet service, as a lot of our rural residents may not  have. And many of these residents are older and if they have Internet may not know how to use it. Real convenient for getting this past.

You need to voice your protest vote, and send Chief Hartwig back to the drawing board.

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The REQUIRED protest form was Not included in the mailing from the County - to get one, you need a computer, internet access and a printer. The Forms must be mailed via US Postal Service (no fax or email accepted) and received by end of business October 15. And get this, they must be mailed to the SB County Fire Dept, which will then forward them to the contractor hired to verify and tally them. This "process" is so rigged.


Welcome to the world of California politics! I wonder how the "process" got so rigged?


Because the "average" citizen takes little to NO part in local goverment, and decided it was easier to just let a select few manage (mangle) local government affairs. Back east, I dreaded the annual and special town meetings (aka "open town meetings) but I always participated each and every year. Even back then, it was difficult to get a quorum of registered town residents to attend unless there was "special interest items" to be voted upon. The "me generation" is slowly digging its own fiscal burial hole.


Perhaps we can use our voting power to get rid of Ramos and the rest of the blood sucking supervisors who are in it for themselves, and not to work for their constituents!

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