Measure O: Invest in hope rather than tax us to death.

I received a flier in the mail that informs me of Measure “O” and I wish to suggest that the Morongo Unified School District organize a tax-free bond initiative instead of targeting land owners.

A tax-free bond would give the school district money for needed projects, plus allow people who have money to invest it.

To tax property owners right after the fire department just forced every property owner to pay $157 per parcel affects poor people like me, because I am renting and the owner may raise my rent to compensate for being targeted twice in one year.

The property owner has grown children with no grandchildren. While we all benefit from a more educated local population and schools do need to keep up to current technology, targeting land owners is unfair and it hurts renters.

Please, consider changing Measure O to be a tax-free bond instead of a tax targeted on land owners; rather than increasing the tax burden on land owners and renters (both low income) who cannot afford to have another increase to the cost of living, encourage tax-free investment.

The better way to encourage hope for tomorrow is via tax-free investment in our schools and community with a voluntary purchase of tax-free bonds. Even one bond encourages low-income people to save for the future, rather than punish people who own property by demanding taxes.

To add the Morongo Unified School District tax on top of the fire department tax in the same year is hurtful to our community, especially when the school district can get money encouraging hope for the future with a tax-free bond instead.

Positive action, not punitive taxes.

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The "investors" will be investing in the school system should this bond issue pass.

The "investors" will also be charging INTEREST at the going rate (its rising).

No matter which funding vehicle is selected, taxpayers ultimatly foot the bill (plus interest should bond issue pass).

Fiscal prudence in spending as well as "pay as you go" using existing manpower and budget to do pro-active maintenance on school infrastructure is certainly cheaper than floating yet another loan. The last bond is NOT paid off yet!


I agree. We are being taxed too much all the time. If not careful, gonna be throwing some tea into the bay.


Boston Harbor is around 3000 miles away. Long way to go tea tossing. At least there wouldn't be a prop.61 warning on the tea or ocean.

Compared to the new FP zone 5 tax ("fee") the school bond would be chump change.

I am not sure if the School District can firm up it's finances more. Hopefully it can. Tax bills increase j ust about every year. Unless student population has dramically increased, they need to better control costs.


The cost isn't the issue for me, it's the non-existent description of what they are going to spend the money on. They keep highlighting "security," but don't give any indication what that is supposed to entail. If it is anything like the vision they presented in YV not long ago, it's turning our schools into prisons for no good reason.


They had better had be quite specific about what this new bond is for. Unexpected building repairs, I can understand.

Hiring yet more personel and purchasing security equipment is going to lead me to vote NO.

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