In these times, where we have watched all the power plays made by Republicans across the country visa vie gerrymandering, voter suppression and outright corrupt practice to subvert our democracy, I personally witnessed the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors pull off this Brown Act violation in full public view. Not only was the blatant cover-up of the predetermined outcome of Dawn Rowe’s appointment disgusting, it was dispiriting. Like I said, I was at the public hearing when the appointment was made and it was a public display of contempt for the process and the will of the people.

So, here we are in our outback county and I had no hope that this corruption would ever be noticed, much less addressed. Apparently there are righteous warriors behind the scenes that took this fight to the courts and on to the governor’s desk. The courts and Governor Newsom have acted with appropriate and swift measure to right this wrong. This is a bright spot where, in our country, a shrinking minority of old-line power structures are grasping at any means to hold on to power.

Partially because sweeping corruption at the national and presidential levels, a certain amount of normalization of corruption is taking hold in our state and local politics. Corruption is not normal!

Thank you to all, who, behind the scenes, continue to stand up for our democracy!

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Eric's praise of 'whistleblowers' is extremely timely, as I too feel concerned, disturbed and violated by how county supervisors appointed Dawn Rowe.

I've never met Ms. Rowe, and I hope that she does not take offense - I am a critic of the process, not of her.

I do believe that today's sad tale of whistleblowers and corruption from our nation's Capitol, has local as well as international implications. When acting Dir. of National Intelligence Joseph McGuire was asked what he thought was the greatest danger facing our country, he responded with words that are very pertinent to what the County Supervisors have tried to do to us.

He emphasized that “...first and foremost, I think that protecting the sanctity of our elections within the United States, whether it be national, city, state, local is of greatest importance", and that "...they are trying to get us to question the validity of whether or not our elections are valid."

While McGuire was, of course, referring to foreign powers, I believe that the same holds true for our little communities in San Bernardino County's 3rd District. In their abysmal arrogance and overreach, the supervisors purposely chose a path that effectively invalidated our democratic system and cheapened the validity of our electoral process.

If we don't act to defend democracy and question the corrupt actions of elected officials - both locally and nationally - who are we and what do we stand for?

Thank the gods for Whistleblowers!


I's a "Mad,Mad,Mad,Mad World" at times in SB County.

don mckinney

When our leaders get away with the 9/11 lies . The weapons of mass destruction lies to invade Iraq and murder a million poor people there with no remorse os justice . Our illegal and unethical theft of Palestinian land and continued concentration camp we maintain there for fifty years . The captivity of Julian Assange , Manning , and terrorizing Snowden for being whistleblowers . Our " seven laws of Noah J.H.RES . 102-4 calling for the beheading of idol worshippers and blasphemers that Trump renewed as " education day " mar. 26 , every year to be celebrated . The jesuit oath on our congressional record . The " gulf of Tonkin " lies to war . The congress people mandated to sign an oath of allegiance to a foreign state other than the United States of America , (a CORPORATION since the act of 1871 ) . Our silence is our consent to these unethical and immoral wars by our 836 military bases in 170 countries that we can not afford financially morally or ethically .It is our patriotic duty to shame and humiliate the evil doers and their massive industrial complex of globally owned press - ,titutes enablers / co-conspirators , the real colluders from within and their " lobby " , a documentary .

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