Regarding “Love our country like President Trump” by Mark Vikdal, published Oct. 3:

Mr. Vikdal’s final paragraph about Trump was so incorrect that it would take too much space to correct every item. So, I’ll just comment on one. Unemployment has decreased at a constant rate since spring of 2009. In other words, seven of the 10 years of steady improvement were under President Obama and three under Trump. The best that can be said about Trump is that he didn’t interrupt the progress.

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Furthermore, the booming stock market is likely the result of the wealthiest grabbing larger holdings as they get better tax treatment from Trump's gift to the wealthiest. They can borrow, on margin, at very low rates to buy more stocks, thus pushing up prices and then pay extremely low rates on capital gains. Many of these wealthiest pay a lower tax rate than I do.


A sea rise lifts all boats, do you not have a 401k?

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