Let me offer two postulates and then run a couple of ideas up the flagpole and see if anybody salutes.

Postulate 1: Our government should reflect the ethnic, racial, religious and gender diversity of our country.

Postulate 2: We want a politically and philosophically balanced Supreme Court. Ideally, we would have three from the left, three from the right and three unpredictable moderates who might go either way depending on the issue. A stacked court, either right or left, doesn’t represent the interests of at least half the country.

Right now we’re considering the confirmation of candidate Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court justice, another privileged white-bread scion of a conservative elitist family. The Republican Congress has just confirmed Neil Gorsuch, which definitely shifts the court to the right. And now, they want to put another conservative on the bench, which will lock up a right-wing court for decades. I would also oppose a left-wing dominated court.

Flag 1: What say we scrap Kavanaugh and wait for the midterm results? Then nominate, say, a young, highly-qualified Chinese-American who is a single mom, socialist, Buddhist, who likes to read Sartre, pole dance and smoke cigars. Let’s shake things up a bit.

Flag 2: In the future, we limit nominees to women until we have a five-to-four majority of women on the court. That seems fair since the court has been dominated by old, white men for its entire history, while women are actually in the majority. I think women should have an equal opportunity to screw things up.


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Thank you Red Greene... (are you on facebook??) I SALUTE YOU!

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