Joshua Tree National Park is being threatened by a developer who plans to build a town of 25,000 people on its south edge.

The project is called Paradise Valley and it is being considered by the Riverside County Planning Commission.

This project will bring light pollution, air pollution and quality of life destruction, and will threaten the wildlife and the scenic beauty of the park.

It is outrageous that this huge development, which lies within a designated conservation area, is being considered at all.

Joshua Tree National Park is not only a national treasure that belongs to each American, it also brings 2.9 million visitors per year to the area. These visitors spent more than $137 million in local communities in 2017 and supported 1,789 local jobs.

Visitors come to experience the dark night skies and feeling of wilderness.

Already light and air pollution are affecting the park. The park’s own website states that air quality is poor in the summer. Can you imagine the horrible effects from 25,000 more people living right on the edge of the park?

This development will affect all of us who live in the area — residents, business owners and employees of businesses that serve tourists.

If you care about Joshua Tree National Park, and your quality of life, please email or write to the Riverside County Planning Commission.

The commission will meet to consider this atrocious development on Aug. 21. Public comments are welcomed and needed.

You can email them to or send regular mail to: Riverside County Planning Commission, County Administrative Center, 4080 Lemon St., Riverside, CA 92501.

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Branson Hunter

Thanks Nancie for the email. Riverside will listen if we care.


They will call it Paradise Valley...LOL's. Every other place around here they call Paradise is a sh*thole.


I welcome the builders. Good for the economy. It's about time.

Marshal Dillon

So, let me understand this correctly. The proposed community will be on the "edge" of the park. Is this inside the park or outside the park? If inside, I agree totally. If outside, and the People don't like it, then they should buy up the real estate and stop the project that way. Otherwise, it's the owner's decision what happens with it, provided the decision's workings lie within the law.

Branson Hunter

Many more of us enjoy our National Parks.


Lets be clear this development is outside the National Park. It is nice for idealist's to oppose housing development in California. That has gotten us to where we are, housing prices that are unaffordable. Failure to increase the housing stock will have great long term consequences on the state. Already young families are fleeing the state, school enrollments are shrinking. It will soon affect the employment market. How long is someone going to stay if they cannot afford housing? It is leading to the graying of the California population, at a much higher rate than the country at large. The quality of life ramifications are dire. We need new housing in this state!


Seriously, if you want to prosper, you have to grow. Are we supposed to stop the growth in YV, too. Maybe we should cancel the HDWD's YV sewer system. When this system is complete, there will be a growth boom in YV. We have had none for 7 years waiting for it.


I love the park, but I have to agree with Marshall: either its boundaries matter or they don't. Part of the planning process is to make sure new development is done responsibly, so yeah, get involved and tell Riverside County what your likes/concerns are, but blanket opposition to everything proposed within a certain radius of the park's boundaries is counterproductive and tiresome.

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