Because of San Bernardino County’s constant quest for more taxation of its residents, local events can be at risk. Event ,planners please be aware that if you expect even one food vendor, you will have to have a permit. Also, the vendor has to have a permit. Fees for both can be pricey and ultimately discourage both event and vendor since everyone is just trying to raise funds.

And if you “get caught,” you will be penalized (like a criminal). As it is, small food vendors are finding that it is just not worth vending in San Bernardino County and small fundraising events can’t afford the permit fee to have food vendors.

This attitude of San Bernardino County towards small business discourages enterprise, in my opinion, and it is getting harder and harder for those struggling to get ahead. 

Look how the Airbnbs were jumped on for revenue because they have been so successful, especially in our rural setting.

Yes, we all need to contribute to our county government, but come on. When everything you worked hard for goes to the county….

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This "new look" for the newspaper STINKS. So BORING and monochromatic. It looks like a hospital room wall. What were you guys thinking? YUCCCHHHH!


We have to vote against these add more tax bills...
That's what happens when the liberal left gets in office..
California is nothing but a disaster.


Food-borne illness is real and fairly common. That's why it's regulated. This is hardly a nanny state thing. Is it really that onerous to have a permit to serve food?


4+ dollar a gallon gas -hopefully these taxaholic politicians get voted out Nov 6th. We have too much poverty here already and Gaven Newsom wants to open border to 100 million non tax paying illegal aliens that will unleash crushing burdens on taxpayers and the social safety net.. Get out and vote people!!


sharkcity could have crammed a few more right wing radio talking points in there if he really tried

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