The 8th Congressional District is considered a safe GOP district. However, the statistics show its registered voters somewhat divided into minority portions among the GOP, Dems and Independents.

With America now being off the rails, it might be time for our divided citizens to stop trying to balance on either the right or left rail of our political and societal beliefs.

The first way to achieve a balance onto both rails, and normalcy, is to elect a POTUS in 2020 that is moderate and consensus driven in belief and action.

The second way is to require Congress, by citizens holding them accountable through their participation in town hall meetings, to achieve outcomes that address all of our concerns more than now or in the past.

Probably the only way this can be initiated at this time is by Congressional rules changes that require passing legislation that is developed and agreed on by all elected members. 

It’s called Principles of Quality Improvement (and other titles). Impossible? 

It’s how Toyota developed the manufacturing processes that humbled Detroit in the ’60s and ’70s.

Slim-party-majority partisan rule isn’t working, and is now turning out to be destructive. Our elected officials of the future need to embrace consensus solutions so everyone feels, to some degree, they are a part of our American society.

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