I’ve just finished an article from a rival local newspaper (the Desert Sun) stating that the NTSB urged Caltrans to work faster to repair damages to safety structures on our roadways. The metal cushions at the ends of concrete center dividers are called attenuators. It seems that one on Highway 101 had been run into and crunched in 2017 with minor injuries to the occupant. Then that same one was again run into 15 days later-without being repaired — and it was FATAL.

All of this happened in Northern California, so I guess that our local attenuator in Morongo Valley can wait … and what about the center delineators? Obviously, their glue isn’t sticking — how about painting the curb yellow? Would that put a glue-sticker out of work?

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CalTrans would rather re-survey SR247 to see if anything moved a nano-meter since the last time it was surveyed and resurfaced. I guess a surveyor can't be tasked with useful work when his specific skills are not required.

CalTrans is also doing a fantastic job of cultivating potholes and cracks on both sides of the Morongo grade which is making that dangerous area even more so.

The gasoline taxes went UP, and UP, and UP to FIX the roads, yet very little in repairs is in evidence for the highest gasoline taxes in the nation. Hmmmm.

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