SoCal Edison wants $10 more a month from your wallet, $120 yearly. From the 880 customers between Lucerne Valley and Yucca Valley this totals $105,800 – from just this small population. Imagine what they anticipate collecting from every customer.

This $10 you won’t be able to reduce. You’ll pay whether you are a billionaire or a ten-thousandaire. No reduction for reducing usage or going solar.

SCE is lobbying Latino members of the California Legislature to add this charge to your electric bill. AB 327, introduced by Assemblyman Henry T. Perea, is the newest big utility push to curb point-of-use solar power on housetops, stores, schools, government buildings and parking lot structures.

Why Latino representatives? We never heard Latinos scorned creation of local jobs and improving property values in their districts by promoting rooftop solar.

As a matter of fact, there is enthusiasm for it among the folks they represent.

Latino groups have joined other clean-energy supporters to protest the big utility attack on families that go solar. This statewide coalition campaign is fighting the targeting of the Latino caucus in Sacramento to undermine the value of installing solar panels at the point of use.

A parody video from the Sierra Club of a faux Edison pitchman nails it. Google “SoCal Edison Not Laughing.” Only one minute and 14 seconds. Pow. SCE wants it squelched, but it has gotten away., part of the coalition, has responded by saying it refuses “to be intimidated” by the power giant and will “expand” the “fight for solar energy” along with the Sierra Club’s two-year-old My Generation Campaign (OC Weekly, Aug. 20).

“Solar Lite” is trumping big solar and big wind. Put solar panels on your housetop, you create local jobs. Want to actually reduce carbon emissions? Or your electric bill? Want to save a bunch of bucks for your church, synagogue or school?

Solar installations at the point of use have reached record numbers, but big utilities count them as a loss.

Could it be we are already approaching California requirements for renewable energy and don’t know it, since point-of-use generation is not counted into the Renewable Energy Portfolio?

Is this hurting SCE enough to add $10 to every bill? Is the $10 the truth?

They want us to pay for miles of transmission lines to carry power from huge tax-subsidized wind and solar farms in formerly unscathed desert to urban areas, areas that have plenty of acreage on rooftops to generate what is needed, now and into the future.

Engineers and creative geniuses abound at Edison. We respectfully suggest they apply their talents to developing a thriving 21st century business without destroying open lands. Why not? Satisfy the demand for Solar Lite, local jobs and a better economy. Now.

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Branson Hunter

Outstanding article. Well researched and written. Thanks Betty.

Dave Peach

Private enterprise, including while operating under the guise of "public utilities", is most valuable and most effective for providing our many sometimes valuable luxuries. Basic necessities, such as energy, warrant greater public input and governmental oversight. Left to their own desires and "personal responsibility" our Morongo Basin would more resemble still toxic Hinkley then increasingly abandoned Hinkley. Our cities would look and smell like the third world.

Community outrage aside, those who elect the most closely economically and ecologically aligned politicians will win.

If the energy giants continue to win, largely courtesy of relatively petty wedge issues designed to divide and conquer, everyone will absolutely lose their lifestyles plus their lives.

Consistency counts most, including for the purpose of credibility.

"Bush or Gore?"; "Clinton, perhaps, or surely another cartel puppet?"

Dave Peach

2nd Sir Branson, Betty. Worthy of wide dissemination and rapid implementation.

But the larger issue is much bigger than what occurs within our community, county and state. Presidential candidate Obama's previous dream of smart energy solutions, which admittedly warranted and has since received better involved and informed opinions, such as Ms. Betty's, were overwhelmingly derailed by the energy cartels that largely control our political system while no less controlling and encumbering our economy and destroying our entire planet.

Edison and other energy giants cannot be expected or trusted to voluntarily prioritize economic and ecological sensibility over their own profitability. They, us, and the rest of world are undeniably and actually in a contest (war, perhaps?) for survival or permanent destruction.

Better they divest into fragmentation and demise, or very different ventures.

Tom in Joshua Tree

AB327 has made it almost cleanly through the legislature without obstruction!
It cleared the appropriations committee 6-0!

See: bill history;


Id like to do panels at home, the cost is to prohibitive right now. I also worry about the heat island effect by covering a light colored roof with dark energy absorbing panels, especially since its hot enough as is . Id love to send my last bill to Edison in with a big middle finger . ahhh some day


The panels are about as low in price as they ever will be.

Installed properly with space between the panel and roof on the many rack systems available, the roof would be shaded and cooler.

Right now grid-tie is a great deal. Even off grid is better than 5 years ago, although still just about double the cost due to overnight storage costs (battery bank).

Dave Peach

Leasing programs that require no money down, offer rebates and that reward referrals are now widely available. Lease to own is more accurate, as the installer is unlikely to remove the panels, support mountings and patch the roof after twenty years.

The panels, if not the roof, should be good for another ten years or so thereafter. Following about thirty years, replacement solar panels will be as inexpensive as ever, while the mounting system will remain reusable. The monthly cost is now less than what Edison charges and remains constant, whereas Edison's charges will probably substantially increase, such as recently occurred and inspired the decision to go solar without further delay, particularly as Edison is now endeavoring to obstruct upcoming rooftop solar.

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