Oh my gosh! When are the Democrats going to stop this crap and get to real work? For three years now, all they have done is bully him and try to impeach this president, even before he took office. They have nothing on him and will find nothing.

I want my taxes paying them to be used productively.

President Trump deserves a medal and recognition for serving his country under the ridiculous stress he has had to work with.

Regardless of all the Trump haters, I believe he has done a wonderful job.

The liberal Democrats have made the United States a laughing stock. All of their racist, hateful and lying ways have divided our wonderful country and they try to make it look like it is Trump’s fault.

All mainstream media is controlled by the liberal Democrats and they make sure that nothing positive is said about Trump.

When Obama was in office, they made sure nothing negative was said by the news media, even though Obama was tearing our country down. He was sneaky and a liar and gave billions to our enemies.

Remember, March 2012, he told the outgoing Russian president that he will have “more flexibility” to deal with contentious issues like missile defense after the U.S. presidential election (which was still eight months away). How did he know he would be re-elected? That has always puzzled me because with all the people I know, not one of them voted for him.

The other big lie everyone should remember is Benghazi. He blamed the attack on our consulate on a video that made Muslims angry and they protested. Several people were killed and the embassy was destroyed. He and Hillary Clinton were aware of what was going on and continued to lie to the people that this was over a stupid video. They did that because they did not want to hurt his chances of re-election. This happened in September of 2012 (two months before election).

Was there any big deal made of this? No way because the media wanted him to win again. Why? Because he was so liberal and giving so many entitlements but, in the meantime, taking away our freedoms.

I have lived through many presidents and Obama was by far the worst for our country.

The Republicans did not speak up as they should have because they were immediately called racist.

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Well golly gee whiz. Do they issue medals for ingnorence above the call of duty? Emperor tRump hath not accomplished anything worthwhile except to boost the ratings of "Farce and Friends" on the Faux channel.

For me to continue listing the negatives is pointless and redundant.

Lock him up!

Branson Hunter

It's good to see people share their views and that the Hi-Desert star allows this. To the letter writer, why is it a clear majority of Americans on both sides want to impeach this monster?


Mr Landers, you speak the truth so be prepared for the left wing radical communists to trash your honesty

desert heights home owner

Mr. Landers, Thank You! We need Trump!


This letter is useful only to remind people that Trumpism is a full blown cult.

bill jenkins

trump has metephoricaly shot someone on fifth ave. we will see if his prediction holds.

Branson Hunter

Whether Mr. Landers is speaking fact or opinion he deserves to be respected. I retract using the noun monster. And I apologize.


Doubtful if Mr. Landers is aware of the 28 billion in subsidies going to our farmers because of Trump's tariffs. Approx. 33 family farmers are going bankrupt a day in this country. Ag. Sec. Purdue takes glee in giving the shaft to family farmers. Just another Trump UI.


Let's not forget those tariffs imposed by Dimwhit-in-Chief tRump are paid by companies importing raw materials and goods into the United States. Those additional cost are usually passed on to the end consumer, and in many cases may also result in profit margin sensitive companies laying off workers to protect their current prices. Meanwhile, the top percentile of wage earners hardly feel the price increase but enjoy massive tax relief (some now pay less in percentile than the middle class wage earners.

Those that can barely get by shopping at China-Mart will be feeling it the most, which is a goodly amount of folks in this geographic area. Seems like in my personal observations that the tRump supporters are getting the worst of the "wrong end of the stick".

Branson Hunter

While the office of the presidency is falling apart, the president is unraveling. I'm thinking Mutiny on the Bounty for Trump. So it seems like two branches of the government are now working to unseat a crook and a bad egg


Long ago I became convinced that voters like this letter writer live in intellectual isolation. A good example is the labeling of people who find Donald Trump offensive are called radical liberals and elites. I fall into that label category proudly. I am not embarrassed that I was the first in my family to receive a college degree. That, however, makes me a liberal elite...who came from a blue collar family. I did learn critical thinking and when the president acts like a tyrant at his rallies, I can think of words to describe the people who think that is worthy of a medal. I simply find the president an embarrassment, corrupt, and worthy of impeachment.


I almost slapped myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming after I read your post. An articulate statement that I agree with wholeheartedly.

Branson Hunter

" Every tree in the forest will fall".: David Ignatius on T's administrative legal Jeopardy --Sept. 13, 2019

bill jenkins

either the author of this letter thinks the reader is naive, gullible and misinformed or he is himself naive, gullible and misinformed.


No just unlucky enough to live in liberal Cali

devil's advocate

Critical thinkers are an endangered species.

devil's advocate

It appears critical thinkers are an endangered species.


The pendulum of history constantly swings. Hopefully many folks will take a hard look, do the research and vote accordingly for the issues and persons that best represent a fair and equitable solution for all of it's citizens, be it on the federal, state, county, or local level. No easy task, no easy solutions. Not going to please everyone, but hopefully for the greater good as we have done in past and is woefully lacking at the moment.

Branson Hunter

It's true, critical thinking is a lost art in this country for many people. Media Outlets report today that the president has lied to the American people 13000 time. What's just as bad, many voters just don't care. Worse yet, on a daily basis the president and his cabinet advanced expeditiously harming American voters who support his charmless assaults on the American dream --and he destroys anyone who gets in his way.

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